A quick guide to the map editor files

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A quick guide to the map editor files

Post by MadMagus » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:55 pm

This post was last updated: 2018, feb 23th

The Map Editor, with detailed instructions is found here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1

This guide is meant for those who just want to look at certain files without getting into the full editor.
Also, it's meant to show how to interpret these files.
I'm going to assume that most are using a phone or other android device, as computer users should be able to figure non-android specific stuff out; but the info here can be used by all.
Getting started with the files: Show
The first step is to download the zip file containing the editor.
Some android devices can view inside zip files, and some can unzip them.
If yours cannot do either, you can find apps on Google Play to accomplish these things.
Once unzipped, almost all androids can view the files inside; if you still have issues, you can find apps on Google Play to assist; look for file managers or file explorers (and only go with those with good reputations).
Once you can view the files, you're all set to proceed.
Everything covered is in the assets folder, so look there; I don't think android devices can run the map editor itself.
The text files tend to have the ".list" extension; if this causes a problem, just rename it to ".txt" extension, and it should work.
If you're looking for pictures or graphics, you'll need to go to assets/textures/; if you're looking for "skins", it's in assets/textures/units/
Now, let's look at some text files.

chests.list: Show
This file contains the chests in the game. It's a bunch of numbers, like this: 6
The first is the location (map number with position, similar to /pos); the second number is the item (in this case, 6).
At the time of writing, there is no easy way as of yet to find certain map numbers... There is a map on the forum that shows underground map locations, but it's very out of date. You can try asking around, or just being a devout explorer to find these. If you dig through editor files, maybe you can find hints, but without running the editor it's tough.
As for the items, to find out what they are, you can use the forum files here viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5848 or the items.list in the editor. In that link, items.list is viewable, and also, a variation called items.txt that compbatant can update from time to time. I like the items.txt one myself.
As for how to read those files, please see below.
items.list and items.txt: Show
items.list is found in the editor, and on the forum. items.txt is a variation on the forum (but you can download it). Found here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5848
The reason why these are important is the item ID #s. These files connect that vague number to an actual item.

items.list is detailed about the item
201 79 GOLD Gold80 VALUE:80

The first number is the item id#
The second number is the position of the image in textures/items/file (thx to compbatant for clarifying)
The third entry is the type of item
The fourth is the name of the item
Then it's followed by various stats and description (I think it's all self-explanatory)

If an item is a QUEST item, or if it is over level 499, it cannot be obtained by fishing.
If you are desining new items, please set as NON_FISHABLE:1 the new non-quest and belo-500 ones, so they cannot be obtained until the map has been released (added by ardesia)

items.txt is a little more brief, but sometimes tells you where to find the item
13 "Light Sword(30)" drops=Amazon(0.1%)
201 "Gold80" drops=Mummy(20.0%) Viking(20.0%) chests=104.104 100.100 106.106

The first number is the item id#
Next is the name
Followed by where you may find it in some cases
At this time, there is no easy way to find where a monster is found in FT; for that, just ask under Help Wanted on the forum.
units.list and entities.list: Show
Both of these files will show you more info than you need to know. But they will show you monster IDs. If you're looking for monster stats, you'll actually need to run the editor, and I don't think that possible from an android device.

For this purpose, both files are really easy to read, but units.list tends to be easier or more clear, as entities.list lists matrices.
The first entry on the line is the monster ID#... reading further along the line you'll find what it is.
Both files have various stats etc. included in the line, but I'm not positive as to what they all mean.
Finding stats using the editor: Show
Not very difficult. Run the editor with the start.bat file. At the main menu, you'll find a button called "Edit ENEMY_UNIT". Hit that, and a window will open with all enemies in that version of the editor. You can sort by column if you click one.
drops.list: Show
This file is all numbers. To decipher it, you'll need to look up monster IDs and item IDs, as covered above.

9 500:0 330:27 300:8 100:9 100:72:13-14 800:312:100-101
This example is for monster ID#9. The first number in the line is the monster ID.
Next you have the chance:item it can drop; and yes, you can get multiple drops from a single monster.
Chances are out of 1000, so 500:0 is a 50% chance to drop item ID#0
100:72:13-14 (from above example)
This is a more complicated version; IIRC this means 100/1000 chance (10%) to drop item ID#72, but ONLY if quest 13 is finished, and 14 is not finished (these are quest related drops). If I'm incorrect, will a GM please correct this.

That's all I got for now.
If requested, I may add more info if need be.
I also welcome the GM team to edit/update this post as the game advances, especially if I'm not around. (please make sure to update the date at the top as well)
Hope this helps ;)
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Re: A quick guide to the map editor files

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Perhaps this will help you.
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Re: A quick guide to the map editor files

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