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Am I required to help anyone?

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 8:03 am
by Robson jo
Galera is the following .. I come here because things are happening that I do not think are legal .. I always help people to level up, I answer some questions if I have them within my reach and if I know ... There are people who are nice respects our space and much more ...

Algora comes some wanting upar why where I upo is faster and forces me to help them if I refuse it disturbs me, the person does not set the monsters, pocha mano so many places to upar goes in a place that you can upar soil, so that come where it does not set and force a strong player to help?

Now I wonder if this has a punishment ??

If you have forgive me the question ...
I'm sorry the outburst was also needing to let it out was choking me ..
GM, if this is not the place to write it, please forgive me, I'll delete ...