New year event

As the description says!

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New year event

Post by generous11 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 5:58 pm

well if GM Arashiko see it, I hope she make it :)

maybe a PvM event at colloseum could be a great idea at new year 2019.
well for it, there will be various spots for this event and a teleporter that put pets safe... well! I hope Hobbs come back for it ;)
1st spot: lvl 20-99: bunch of mobs under 99 & boss red monster.
2nd spot: lvl 100-249: bunch of mobs between 100-249 & boss ogre halfling.
3rd spot: lvl 250-999: bunch of mobs between 250-999 & boss ancient minotaur.
4th spot: lvl 1000-1999: bunch of mobs between 1000-1999 & boss black dragon.
5th spot: lvl 2000+: all types of monsters & boss scorpion king.

well now for included mobs:
1st spot: archers - bats - ghost of ryaca - blue vlads - glowing spiders - glowing skeletons.

2nd spot: red monsters - snow dragons - ghost archers - trained monsters - experienced club stans - fire archers - ninjas - southernsun mushymen - fairies.

3rd spot: kryptic dragons - ptery - lightning bee - chameleon - assasins - shadow zombies - worms - blood worms - underground devil - cave giant.

4th spot: ancient minotaurs - red dinosaurs - black dragons - lightning bees - underground devil - dwarf warlord - ancient worm.

5th spot: ancient worm - lightning bee - red dinosaurs - black dragons and more.

special spot: spawns balls that drops 500m golds everytime and lvl 4 tools at 15% chance with rare lvl 2k legs (mage and non-mage) for 50% chance. this spot is 6th and its boss is bal muen.

for the rest... idk cause its stormy here and lightnings did zaps and power is low...

best regards.
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