Someone please tell me.. Lols

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Someone please tell me.. Lols

Post by NightBaby » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:48 am

Someone please explain to me or tell me why half the game is still trading/sharing and getting away with it lol? Or how about how tons of people can threaten, call people awful things, cuss people out and bully others... and not get a mute, or even a warning?
How are these people allowed to play without a ban, jail or mute? Its in the game rules isn't it? Lol. Why are petty things like "this is spam" becoming more important than the fact that half the people I know are using traded accounts that they didn't have before the rule was enforced and posted? Lol why do I report anything? Why does someone get muted for something so little such as a simple cuss, whenthere are people piterally bullying others? Anyone even read those reports or are those not important? These people dont get muted, and we see them daily. Lol! It's just so funny to me how this is still a thing, and why nothing seems to be said or done!!
So, someone please explain to me why these things aren't important? Why don't they matter?🤔😂😂
And when did jail time change for build spam anyway? It used to be a week's jail, whats it now? 2 days? Lollllll
What is even happening now? More updates but no fixes? Or maybe more solutions for problems brought up years before they were actually a big issue. And why does this game have so many unfinished quests, some are years old? C'mon how much money does a game need before bugs become a priority? Not gonna lie I've spent plenty of money on this game, but for what? I can't even answer that one. I've left this game so many times in the past few years, yet always come back... To the same broken game, same bullies, same unfinished quests..
I don't get it, I really don't.

And don't hate because I rant, y'all have all done it before. Y'all have opinions, I have opinions. We're all the same, all human
And humans aren't perfect. So, leave me alone. I didn't do anything to hurt anyone lol. I play a game just like y'all. I use the forum, just like y'all. So let me rant in peace, I just needed to let off some steam. Half of it probably didn't make any sense anyways, but who even gives a crap? Not me
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Re: Someone please tell me.. Lols

Post by LostKnight » Tue Sep 17, 2019 5:13 am

Likes that post.

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Re: Someone please tell me.. Lols

Post by vasinta » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:50 am

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Re: Someone please tell me.. Lols

Post by Mr_Maks » Tue Sep 17, 2019 8:27 am

In fact, this is what I wanted to say the game does not care about mistakes now the game only care about the clan map 2.2.
Do you think the terminator is so kind and good that it “helped” the game in this update?He helped not the game but himself and his team, and now more than one high-level player does not want to spend time raising levels since this does not make sense.Everything was balanced enough in relation to donators and this whole idea was made only to suppress the level of players.
Need any evidence of my theory?The update was made in less than 2 weeks.The update was not even thought out halfway, but it was released anyway.Players have been waiting for more than TWO weeks just to find out further actions of the game.But no answers were received.
Ordinary players suffer from this, just as nightbaby described in their post, they wait FOR YEARS to fix minor errors in the game but get nothing.

The game prefers to intervene in clan wars instead of developing useful updates for the game.You will see that if 2.2 will anyway losing in fight,there are rules about clans and taking away the level will not be enough all the following updates will continue to suppress the players of our side.

The funny thing is that clan rules were created at the end of when we almost completed our defense and emerged from it as winners.Irregular rules can never be fair because our opponents did everything that was forbidden now and built their buildings within the radius of our buildings, the only difference is that they could not do this and our team made catapults on time and we were able to destroy their building.There is no interest in clan wars when your team does not need to defend itself and you just write GM that the enemies have spamming the building and that's it.Read all descriptions about clan rules and understand that our entire team played against everything on that list and turned out to be WINNER.And if we could defend ourselves against this, can anyone say why this is now prohibited?If we have shown that it is possible to defend against this, then why is it prohibited?If our enemies are lazy and unable to defend their clans, we are not to blame for this, but they alone are to blame and we should not suffer because of this.
I agree to this rule about spamming buildings with unfinished buildings.But this was all that needed to be introduced among the clan rules.The rest of the clan rules were not used to help our side in defense, then why should they be applied?This was all seen by the ardesia and everything that the enemies did to us she saw and can confirm if desired, but at the same time everything that was done to us is blocked for us.

I want to say right away that if they lost, it would make sense to become stronger as I did after my clan map on the island of bees was destroyed.Failures make you stronger, and if the weak give up it's their fault.But in this game, just the players who don’t give up suffer from the fact that other players give up.

If the game continues to just do all updates to save 2.2, the players will not tolerate it and simply stop playing it, although perhaps the game wants this I don’t even know.
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Re: Someone please tell me.. Lols

Post by Gullander » Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:02 pm

Somebody please tell me....alas I and many others have asked the same questions. Go ahead and rant you belong to a large group of ranters. But we don't rant just to fill the air or to hear our voices but we care about this game, if we didn't we would remain silent. So our lol is a sarcastic lol because it disguises the pain we feel that long standing issues are not resolved. But let me digress a bit and also say I think this game is rare in the amount of player input that does end up in the game. How many games have an open door policy to review player designed content? True this game continues to evolve and we can hope more of the problems become history. Until then we ache and rant and question. For now at least that seems to be our lot in FT life. Yet there are many positives about this game too otherwise I wouldn't log in everyday. It is bittersweet for sure.
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Re: Someone please tell me.. Lols

Post by Angel-force » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:39 pm

of course +10, I also had an old sold pet and LVL, it’s strange to put me in jail. I myself could not think that the rules of the game are deeper. You should carefully and try to write GM that I am trading here. GM need to run with each player, meet map 0,0 :arrow:
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