2K Altar Items Spoiler

As the description says!

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2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by justj99 » Sat Aug 14, 2021 10:45 pm

For those that want to get organized as opposed to being surprised with gathering/searching for the random item of the day, this list is for you. To pray to the Gods of Light as the "2K Altar" (in the church in the area behind the Ice Caves), the NPC asks you too help the church first. Each day, he will ask for a different item. If you don't bring it by FT day rollover, the following day, a new item will be requested. After bringing the item to help them, you are then required to donate 70m gold at the Altar (no quest mark will show on the altar, but it will work). You may then "pray" to the Gods of Light, and IF they happen to be listening (reasonable, but not high chance), you will be gifted with a level 2000 item. I think only mages can get mage items. Everyone else can get items of their level. I don't think it bestows the 2k amulet or weapons, but all other gear for your class is available.

Below is the list of items the church may "need help with". The items are always randomized, so you never know what you may get. Hopefully, this helps some people out, or helps motivate them to get some gear. Enjoy!

Pink Boots (Level 75)
Mithril Club (Level 100)
Diamond Staff (Level 100)
Mithril Plate (Level 100)
Blitz Boots (Level 100)
Swamp Bow (Level 100)
Mithril Shield (Level 100)
Steel Plate (Level 125)
Spectre Staff (Level 125)
Blue Heater Shield (Level 150)
Gold Plate (Level 150)
Diamond Bow (Level 150)
Gold Token Amulet (Level 150)
Pharaoh Armor (Level 150)
Iron Sword (Level 150)
Fire Legs (Level 150)
Diamond Sword (Level 175)
Heat Ring (Level 200)
Fire Plate (Plate 200)
Parasited Gloves (Level 200)
Light White Wand (Level 200)
Great Wood Axe
Great Pickaxe
Great Fishing Rod
Great Hammer
Fiery Ember
Worm Skin
Piece of Ancient Armor
Devil's Hoof
Lightning Sting

One more small note. You do not get a quest log for the item that is requested. If you forget, he will repeat the request.

*List updated, as some items were unintentionally left out.*
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by Leone » Sat Aug 14, 2021 11:08 pm

Using a sting or 200 wand is a particularly big gamble. Pink boots as well, to a lesser extent.
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by SellSword » Sun Aug 15, 2021 1:07 am

There are a few of those I just decide to pass on myself. Maybe it's a bit more rare/valuable or hard to get one if I don't already have. No harm in saying "I'll maybe help you tomorrow!" and walking out. ;)
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by LostKnight » Sun Aug 15, 2021 2:54 am


Now I know why I'm getting requests of "Do you have ... " items.

What an :oops: OOPS! :oops: ... time to restock.

:o :shock: :o :( :mrgreen:
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by Gullander » Sun Aug 15, 2021 4:41 am

Ok I'll ask the question...what % of chance is there for a 2k item? Does any one have an experience to share? 10 x 70m or 20 or 30 or 50? This might give a sense if you need to begin to acquire a 2k set if buying a piece outright might be an equally or lesser expense. Yes % can be first try or 100th try I know but someone's real experience would be fun to know. I am just being curious! ;)
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by Syor » Sun Aug 15, 2021 6:49 am

The question is right gullander.
I'm not a 2k, and I don't have access, but everyone tells me it's very rare to get items.

In fact, no one bets very rare or very valuable commodities.

They say it's very nerve-wracking.

Maybe 1%?

I'm curious too.
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by cotne7 » Sun Aug 15, 2021 10:33 am

well chance should be about 5%which is too low.
in past days i have been doing altar and there has been 10-15days i had no reward gotten.i have never missed a day during this 15days but still no reward.so its really pain.
i prefer to kill chaos dragon and make mage daily quest under blue vlads map.altar is waste of gold and alot time.
they should make lvl 200staff dropped easier coz i think its hardest item to drop in ft :D
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by SK1976 » Sun Aug 15, 2021 12:33 pm

i am working on what the altar gives :)
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by SellSword » Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:17 pm

I think it probably works out to be cheaper getting something from the altar versus buying it outright. If a piece of 2k gear sells for 2b at spawn (that's probably low) that's about 30 chances at the altar.

I've had ok luck myself and even my very first donation resulted in an item. I probably went for 3 weeks without getting anything as well, though to be fair I probably skipped a few times where I wasn't going to bother with the item that day.

What you get is of course random 2k gear. I've gotten something that I already had equipped and didn't need (not considering 3k crafting) but I've also had good success trading items as well.
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Re: 2K Altar Items Spoiler

Post by El.Menda » Fri Sep 10, 2021 10:41 pm


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