Gears 1250

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Re: Gears 1250

Post by DerKing » Sun Apr 25, 2021 8:23 pm

As mentioned in the post above some inconsistencies with the low level gear should get filled up so that players have a complete armour set for every new 25/50/100 levels.
After that gear in between level 500 and 750 and 750 and 1k could be added but that has less importance in my opinion because if you where to choose the middle from those levels they would be 625 and 825 and some people wouldn’t like that because it doesn’t look that nice. But that is not soo important in the decision.
Alternative there could be new gear at the same levels but with other benefits.
Maybe a set that gives increased drop rates or more xd but has less stats.
Then you would need to choose what is the best for what situation.
If you want to fight other players you need the set with the best stats.
For farming xp you can use the set that gives you a xp bonus.
Maybe even sets that increase mining, chopping, fishing and building speed or xp gain.
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