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Casts and active skills should interrupt moving?

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:06 am
by zipuil
Am i the one who dies 9 of 10 time trying to cast spell while moving with the tap on screen? Seriosly, i'm walking a desert, kicking rocks... Sudenly.. Enemy! Shoot me in a face, I'm trying to cast heal, but my mage keep walking and kicking stones... i try to stop, taping close to character, but hit pets, monster, stones, and keep waling dying swears.

So... may be casts and active skills should interrupt moving?
(i'm talking about moving by tap, not joystick)

The control of charactar is seems to be very toxic for user, as i read in Play Store Comments.

P.S: Thanks for listening, sorry for my english, I'm trying my best! =)