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Re: Create a Quest

Post by Havoc » Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:01 am

"Red Spider Quest"

Location - below the wasps or anywhere spiders are located.

Villager gives the quest

"Maybe you could help me please? I was traveling in the woods when I was attacked by giant spiders"

"I dropped a good luck charm and I am too scared to get it back"

"Could you get it for me please?"

The player needs to kill some red spiders to gain back the good luck charm.

reward: gold and a healing potion.
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by Light The Mage » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:22 pm

'Undead Ambush'

You hear the screaming of a Merchant shouting for help.

'Help, Help please help!'
'Adventurer, Please help me'
'I was heading to kedington with my goods when I was ambushed by these skeletons'
'They stole 5 bows and swords please retrieve them'

Objective- Kill skeletons and bring back 5 bows and Sword
(Quest aimed at lower levels)

Reward- 'Skeleton Helmet' 5+ armour Level 3 Requirement
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The ferry transport

Post by Gold mage » Sat May 04, 2013 3:13 am

Create a path (like the teleport) between the two buildings at - an -1.-2.55.100.

Maybe put a boat in the water or on land next to the building. You would also need a ferry man

You could also put up a board a boath places saying something like ”Ferry to Ashdown” or ”Ferry to (inset name)”

To get with the transport you would have to talk to the ferry man and pay him 50 gold coins in the same way as with the horsman in front of the city at map: 2.-1

The dialog could be as following:

Farry man: Hallo my friend. What can I do for you?

Player: I am seeking passage on a boat to (inset name) / Ashdown (depending on what harbour your are standing at.)

Farry Man: It must be your lucky. I am just about to set sail but it will cost you 50 gold peases and a days of work on my boat.

Player: You got yourself a deal.

Maybe create a time delay to fit a days traveling. It could be 10 seconds where the player is locked starting from when he accepts the deal and untill he is he arrives in the other harbour
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by Tsukase » Thu May 23, 2013 3:59 am

umm... here goes?

Stolen honey

Get quest from bee keeper after finishing wasp stinger quest (maybe set to be active after lvl 2, 3, or something only)

Chat_npc: Adventurer! You've helped me once before, will you help me again?
Chat_me: Of course, what is wrong?
Chat_npc: Bandits have stolen a shipment of my honey to Ashdown and taken it to their tower! If you retrieve them for me, i will reward you well.
Chat_me: I will bring back your honey.

Quest_log: Slay bandits to recover the Beekeeper's stolen honey pots

Rewards: ten-thirty(?) gold per pot, 50-100(?) exp per pot, class specific weapon.

for the class specific weapons, i was thinking something that had to do with wasps or bees, like a sword made using the image of a wasp stinger with some kind of hilt added, a Bow colored black and yellow instead of red and green (if one does not exist already) a hatchet with a wasp/bee wing for a head(or what have you) and a simple stinger for a one-handed wand. It was said simple things were best and these are as simple as i can think of.

All the weapons can be named Sting, since you only get your class's specific.

Sting wand: +3 mana 0 strength (since not want to replace the need to buy next wand by having super strong free beginner weapon)
Sting sword: +1 strength more than saber with lower speed
Sting axe: +2 strength more than hatchet
Sting bow: same strength as Bow but +3 higher speed

i not know of quest concerning bandit tower by kedington, so i thought this would be fun. i not know how many honey pots (3-10?) would be appropriate, but i'm not the genius who made this game 8D
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by Azok » Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:56 am

The lost spellbook.
After finishing the +1 str quest and stat reset quest the mage has a task for you.
Requirements: Any level, 100k Gold, Lots of traveling!
Loot: 200k Gold, 750k xp, 1 Haste Spell, 1 White Fire Spell, 1 Damage Buff Spell

chat_npc You again! What do you want?
chat_me Nothing, just passing by. I'll be on my way.
chat_npc Wait! Please!
chat_npc I have a task for you brave adventurer.
chat_me You're the most powerful mage in the world, why can't you do it yourself?
chat_npc Well it's simple really... Someone has stolen my spellbook and without it, I am powerless. I need you to retrieve it. I know who has taken it, the fire wizard, he is in the most firey depths of the land, go defeat him and retrieve me my spellbook.
chat_me Very well, your lordship. I will get you your spellbook.

quest_text Defeat the fire wizard and bring the wizard his spellbook.

When you arrive to the fire mage you will find him on the ground in the dungeon where the fire axe is found, near death.

chat_me Are you legendary fire wizard i have heard of?
chat_npc The book was destroyed... Megalith...
You see him die as a peice of paper falls from his hands. (Gained +1 Damage buff spell)
chat_me This is a page from the spellbook!

quest_text Go to the megalith and find the missing pages of the spellbook

You arrive at the megalith and a new quest has appeared from the yellow crystal quest npc.
chat_npc Hello again adventurer, what brings you here?
chat_me I am here to retrieve the missing pages of the spellbook
chat_npc I can help you, but it won't come free.
chat_me What do you need?
quest_text Kill grey trolls and bring the man their heads

After completing the quest you talk to the npc again.
chat_npc Well done! Here is a page to the book, i sold the other to a merchant to the east.
chat_me Thank you, I guess.
(+1 haste spell-+1speed 50mana-30seconds)
quest_text Go find the merchant and get the final page to the spell book.

You find the merchant (bandit archer stolen sack quest)
chat_npc G'day stranger, Interested in goods from far away lands?
chat_me I suppose I could take a look...
(shows shop screen-Rare items on sale for very expensive, spell book page-100k)
chat_npc Thank for your business, come back again.
(If page is bought-+1 White fire spell-burns enemys over time)
quest_text Return to the mage and give him the spell book pages

You return to the mage
chat_me I have done as you have asked. Now what's in it for me?
chat_npc Everything, adventurer. I have grown tired in my many days, I am old as time its self. You keep the spells, and become the most powerful in the land. I am giving you everything.
chat_me I am honored, sir. Thank you.
chat_npc Now be on your way before I change my mind!
chat_me Farewell.
(Mage spawns A Vampire Swordsman)
(+1 Damage buff spell, +1 Haste spell, +1 White fire spell, +200k gold, +750k xp.)

Thanks, hope you guys like it! -Azok
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by ayc » Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:12 pm

The warlock quest

*Sees warlock at warlock map {1.2}*
chat_npc: Hi there,you must be a great adventurer that you made it here!
chat_npc: I've been searching for someone like you to help me out!
chat_me: Help? ...
chat_npc: Yes,there is a haunted dungeon that has strong ghosts there,...
chat_npc: I need you to kill 3 ghosts and get me their gloves,can you?
chat_me: Sure,but..what's the point of killing something which is already dead?!
chat_npc: Just do it can you?!

After the player kills 3 ghosts and gets their gloves (from map {-2.0} )

chat_npc: Wait,..you're alive?!
chat_npc: Fine..here's your award..
(Player gets 2k gold & 70k xp)

Questbook chat: Get 3 ghost gloves for the warlock.
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