A Explanation Of RULE 14 *Clan Building Spam*

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A Explanation Of RULE 14 *Clan Building Spam*

Post by LordSeth » Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:22 pm

1) Spam Clan: Creating a "spam clan" for the sole purpose of adding more buildings to an area that is done with the intention of annoying other clans is forbidden. The owner of the spam building will be punished as well as the main clan that the owner is affiliated. If the owner of the spam clan cannot be directly linked to a main clan, the main clan that is benefiting from the spam buildings will be punished.

(Note) If you create a clan and build new buildings beyond your established clan base in a different location on your base map or especially on a different map this is considered a spam clan.


2) Clan Base: Building inside or near your clan base is allowed. This includes buildings that are outside of your clan's base, but not located within an enemy base. If your clan does not have a base, and you place buildings in a contested area, this may be considered spam. If your clan only places buildings, but does not improve the buildings to green hp, your buildings may be considered spam. If your clan places buildings outside of your clan's established base, and into a contested area or within an enemy's base area, this may be considered spam.

(Note) If you wish to expand your clan base with a new clan you may build onto the boundaries of your established clan base. If it is not connected to your base it is considered spam.

3) Contested Area: Any area that is outside of an established clan base can be considered a contested area. An area where an active war is taking place can be considered a contested area.

(Note.1) A contested area is a location in enemy boundaries (within enemy clan tower/castle range) a contested area is also a location currently occupied by clan warfare. (A location clans are continuously battling.) Do not start building in this location towers/castles/strong walls to benefit your clan in defense or to dominate another clans established defences. Tactics such as using low level walls (level 20 or less) to block a path temporarily is tolerable. Use your "man power" to win a location to build gather a organised army to start destruction by using tools designed for clan destruction (ballista's/catapult's) along with your clan members and allied forces.
If you wish to take over a clans location you must destroy the established clan base completely. (Do not leave any of the enemy clan buildings standing.) When they have no clan to defend you may then start construction.

(Note.2) violation of this rule also includes violating rule 9 reducing game-playing experience of others.

4) Building on Players: Dropping a building onto a player may be considered spam. This does not include dropping buildings onto pets or sieges.

(Note) It is not agianst the game rules to block a player in a location if they are a threat to your base but try to assure suicide is an option for the player. However if you place a building on the player this may cause serious issues with this player account that may reqire GM assistance or it may leave the player stuck on the map for a very long time unless a GM is available to move the player off off the map. Do not build on top of a player.

5) Penalties: Penalties for violating this rule may include jailing of accounts and/or reduction of building levels of offending clan. Other punishments may be necessary depending on the seriousness of the violations.

Some players have multiple inactive clans and are not sure if it's agianst the rules. So additional to the explanation I'll add this.

Well in that case it is not illegal. It's not supported in any way to lead 1 or more inactive clans but it's not wrong.
If just creating clan names because you like the name it's considered "alt clan" it's not agianst the rules.
If creating a clan without building with intentions to sell it's not a violation.

It's not agianst the rules to sell an established clan. But if you are in a clan with an established clan base and you create another clan and start building with intentions to sell the clan it is at that time considered spam.

If you leave a clan with a established clan base then create your new clan and start building it away from the original clan base it is fine as long as you are no longer affiliated with the previous clan.

You can have other accounts in another clan with an established base. This is considered being a "helping hand" as long as you are not a leader in more than 1 clan this is ok.

Having a "alt clan" with buildings within your current established clan area to slightly expand your base of provide more protection is fine. But do not be a (land hoarder)*take up more space than you need to protect your clan base.
If you choose a location to start building and successfully build a strong base, stay in that aria. Don't go to different areas of the map and build to keep new clans off of the map.
Each base on the map is entitled to the chosen location to close from intruders.
If you feel your map is vulnerable you need to help new clans build. Do not try to take over the map yourself.
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