Password Recovery Bug

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Password Recovery Bug

Post by Ocdaboutgod »

I Recently try to reset a password on one of my accounts that is linked to my email and now I am locked out of all my accounts because the url I received in my email does nothing but says OK when I click it. I used one email for all my accounts so I don’t forget what email is for which account. Most of my accounts that are locked now and I have paid items on them so I really don’t want to lose them. I try emailing the support email I have used before, but I get no response. I try on forums, but it seems my post are not being approved. I’m lost at this point and don’t know what to do.
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Re: Password Recovery Bug

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When the link said "OK"
You are back in your mail and you have a new letter!
The second letter contains the name and password, use it.
When you enter the game through the password given in the mail, you can change it to your own
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