Buff Mage(unbalanced game for mage character)

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Buff Mage(unbalanced game for mage character)

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Hello first of all, im dino and ive been bakc to the game i took a break of 7 years because of personal reasons,but im back now.

I understand the update of trying to make the game more balanced cause years ago the mage was so overpowered everyone needed to have mage and the others carathers were behind but know its the opposite the mage are being all the others carathers, reducing 50% damage and healing at mage spells in pvp its too severe and unbalanced, expecially cause a lvl3k mage cant even kill a lvl1k any of others carathers they just freeze him and run like flash,not to mention about mage heal spell can be blocked so easly.

Please(GM´s and creator) take a look in my perspective and make all the tests that you need.

Thanks for the attention.
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Re: Buff Mage(unbalanced game for mage character)

Post by Leone »

Welcome back!

This issue has been brought up several times with arguments and counter arguments.

Here is a link to one of them which contains another link to more. Alternatively, search the forum with keyword 'balance'.

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