A look at PVP

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A look at PVP

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A look at PVP in FT

At other times in other posts I have made the statement that all players have a right to play this game as they wish within the game rules, that certainly remains my opinion. The question today is are all the ways players may play protected? I am referring at this point to those who DO NOT enjoy or become involved in PVP. Here are some thoughts if that group has adequate rights.

First on the positive.

Those not interested in PVP have a bit of an advantage over others. No one over 3 levels higher than them can attack them, though anyone lower can. Clan members and outlaws don’t have this advantage as anyone any level can attack a rival clan and outlaws any player can attack.

PVP protection is available for purchase that makes all level attacks voided. Clans cannot use this as a protection against other clans and it will not function for the outlaw.

Players can avoid PVP hotspots or use the run or log tactic when they feel threatened. The mini map is there to both warn of player and monster approach and can be heeded accordingly.

Now on the negative.

The game is rated as E for everyone, not T for teen. Everyone means any age. I purpose everyone ought also mean the right to play the game as you wish “in relation to other players.” I can imagine an 10 year old trying the game only to be repeatedly killed by other players. The non PVP player in this case is either victimized or forced to adopt a play style.

PVP protection is a purchase item for real money. Those who enjoy PVP have no expense necessary but only optional such as gear upgrade that can’t be dropped in battle.

There are many things to do in the game without any fighting other players, a non PVP player should not have to look over their shoulder as a clanned player or outlaw must constantly do. The clan member and outlaw have chosen this the non PVP person hasn’t but must act as if they had.

Some have stated “this is a PVP game, if you don’t like PVP don’t play an online game with other players that contains PVP!” My guess is these non PVP players that have chosen to play FT even with the risks are a vital part of the game community providing both stability and a source of income to the game. Yet their right to play combat free “in relation to other players” is not granted.

A few proposals. Feel free to add your own.

These are addressed to compbatant, changes that could be made to give rights to non PVP players. I have known a number of players who have left over the inability to play freely.

1. At the very least change the E rating to T. This game is obviously not for everyone.
2. Remove the PVP protection from purchasable items and make it an in game shop item available at kedington for a nominal cost. Obviously if you are on someone’s enemy list this will not protect you. Perhaps if you have a PVP # you can’t buy it either. Also make it have a duration part of a day, like the meat and bread has a duration.
3. As has been suggested make a PVP opt out in settings with this restriction, you can only do it twice so if you decide you would rather PVP you can switch it back one time. Or at the very least for new players make it a choice when you choose a class, PVP yes or no?

I think there is room in the FT world to be engaged in all game aspects without the requirement to engage other players in combat.

I know some will think easy PVP protection will make some players park places and never move, or be rude without consequences, and other possible abuses, and that is true. I’m not sure the few should dictate for all. My guess is players like that won’t want to use PVP protection much but fall into the PVP player category. Like I suggest above if you have a PVP# you cannot use!
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