Hire Game Masters

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Hire Game Masters

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I decided to make this topic since i STRONGLY believe the Stuff Team of this wonderful game need changing in hiring methods.

Its been a decade since FT has been released and i had this amazing chance to find this game by complete accident in the early of 2016 - Ive been playing a game that you had to made building and produce soldiers to conquer enemy territories. and i find FT as other works of game developer.

So i started my journey and its been ALOT of fun, there was players like Dr.Octopus who helped me and tons of other players in lot of quests in early game and so on, J Valdez who showed me how to make money by mining gold ores :D , my first clan shdw and the good people Ive met there and never forget them and so many other of people who i made good memories with them. Sure there was bad memories too, its just like a life, and finally there was GMs all the time with their warm and friendly personalities like Ardesia, MadMikael and other well known ones who came while after like LordSeth, Akkilles, Ryaca and others. i always loved when people hit 1500 and GMs came to give them special skin. it was a really good event that i really missed. :)

I know Well that lot of things have been changed since then, ALOT of new players joined this wonderful community. and ALOT of old players have left us too. and I Know well that time by time we all come back to FT again if we find another chance. even for couple of minutes wandering around in this unlimit world.
i also left FT for almost 4 years and still here i am again :lol: Ive grow up here.

I don't Know if anyone before shared this idea or not. I know being GMs is a voluntary job and needs sacrifices, but Im feeling that this job doesn't have to be voluntary anymore.
The whole idea is that GMs are spending time for FREE, yes thats what makes their hard work valuable because they doing it because they doing it all solely by their will.
Me as a player love to see GMs active like all the time. or at least couple of hours per day having fun with players and helping them.

So the whole Idea of this topic is to why there is no announcement for GMs that they get a salary or something for their job?
the thing im pointing to is that GMs should have free limited amount of purchases as a reward for each month which is decided by the amount of their activities. ( like 100$ free purchases for handling 50 reports per month, etc.)
its good to do something and gain some personal benefits throw it as your reward. So it can be a courage to let people apply and also give GMs a new way so they can stick to their jobs and give then a new POV to look into this matter more seriously and keep doing it for more time.
it wont make the game unbalanced too, after all they are spending their time to manage players not playing for themselves and the rewards(or salaries) are going to be fair.

CONSIDER this that by all means I am not trying to say we don't have useful GMs anymore by making this topic. Im sure there is GMs who do really are sacrificing their time and lot of thing which only they know to let us have much more peaceful gaming experiences and I DO APPRECIATE THEM DEEP OF MY HEART

Im not sure if compbatant would be agree to this or not, but personally i believe giving away items in game to people who are trying to keep this game alive and keeps players obeyed to rules, doesn't cost more then letting the active community become de-active. I'm sure this will bring no harm to FT. :)

I Just hope we find more great active GMs in FT again :)
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