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Nick Pet

Post by LORD DRAGO »

Hello, I have a super creative idea, I have always liked to watch anime and stories about adventurers and therefore most of them have their own pets or companion, since I had an idea to give our beloved pets proper names where their name comes out as If it were a person, for example: if my pet was called "Ruky", its name would appear prominently above or below its hp or since it would stand out among all the adventurers. Obviously it would have its additional cost to the game, there may also be a name change. I know that pets can change constantly but it would be to leave a memory between them and us for those moments they were with us.
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Re: Nick Pet

Post by cotne7 »

Na...we wont be able to see player names well in crowded will be best if they make much more pets.lil higher dmg lil higher arm lil higher str.
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Re: Nick Pet

Post by Leone »

Such ideas have been suggested.

I agree with cotne that we don't want to impede the game screen with lots of pet names.

It may be nice if you could name your pets in your own inventory, and make this available to friends.
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Re: Nick Pet

Post by Elgur »

PETS ALREADY HAVE NAMES, like, Club Stan, Staff Stan etc....get it!!!!!! :lol:
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Re: Nick Pet

Post by Chrollo »

ABUSWR : FEDI RICK1234 maikewezer
Rule : 9 9 b pet killing.
I was dropping blood orb and this trash player Rick1234 moved my pet from safe zone and his friend FEDI spawn and dragged ogers to my dinos 1 pet die I logged to save the others.
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Re: Nick Pet

Post by Shadow009 »

Maybe you could add the pet's name below who owns it. In this case below "Saphira99".
It would require a command like
/name pet 1 "name"
to clarify which pet of both you want to (re)name
or an editor for the pet just how we have one to upgrade gear.

The next idea may as well be the recolor of a pet, or having it wear equipment/gear just like the player.

In the end naming your pet is not quite needed and you can tell your friends how you're calling your pets anyway.

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