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Mute system

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:07 am
by MadMikael
originally posted by Gandalf ยป Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:40 pm
Gandalf wrote:Sorry, we forgot to announce a change in the mute system. The muted time is now increasing with every mute:

1 mute: 1 day
2 mutes: 3 days
3 mutes: 1 week
4 mutes: 1 month
5 mutes: permanent

for us, it makes sense, because there is a better way to "understand" that being muted might be bad for yourself.
Also, there is no need to lift mutes in the future due to "OMG, I did not know, what was coming! I am so sorry. Please give me last chance!"
Copied this post here, as I think it is useful information - MadMikael