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Walkthrough - call for participation

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:42 pm
by ardesia
The whole FT community is welcome to participate in writing FTW (Forgotten Tales Walkthrough) contents!

Each quest walkthrough:
  1. is a single post in FTW forum section, describing in storytelling form how to start and... walk through the quest;
  2. translation in other languages will be added as comments to each post;
  3. aims to help players enjoy the quests, thus will include useful info, hiding spoilers;
How to partecipate in creating contents?
Before writing a walkthrough proposal, write me a forum PM, telling me which quest you would like to work at - this will prevent having descriptions overlapping and waste of time.
Note: if you skip this passage and send me a walkthrough description without informing me in advance, chances are that it will not be used.

If your proposal is accepted, please write the walkthrough, carefully following these instruction:
  1. use a simple and proper english to describe the walkthrouhg;
  2. include quest ID;
  3. state, if any, the required level;
  4. include IDs of quests players have to close in order to begin this one;
  5. include a list of needed items (possibly with their IDs)
  6. include coordinates (map and position in the map, even if approximate for spawnable NPCs) for relevant NPCs and places;
  7. include a reward description.
All proposed texts might be edited by the FTW group.
Authors are going to be named in a Credits post, and of course rewarded depending on their contribution's dimension :D