Possible disconnection bug

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Possible disconnection bug

Post by Delta »

Whenever it happens its random i don't how to replicate it... sometimes it happens once and I'm good for a while or sometimes it happens often but it happens whenever i got to change maps either by crossing from one to another or by interacting with an object (stairs, portals, npc that teleports you) i get disconnected and the only way to log back in after are:

-switching from my wifi to mobile data (its not either of my connections when it happens wifi still runs everything else flawlessly, also happens when i have a 5g internet connection with my data and is able to rapidly load anything that needs internet)

-close the app log into a different character logout and then re log into the character i was originally playing

-closing the app and waiting a couple minutes then opening again and loging back into that character

When it happens once its not annoying but when it happensa multiple times it gets a little irritating especially when it happens more often then not. Am i the only one experiencing this? Also i have the newest version of the game installed (beta) but it also has been happening since the last update. I quit the game for 2 ½ to 3years recently ish coming back so these 2 game updates are the only versions i have experienced it with (updated before started to play again) but i do remember this never being an issue on the previous game version i was playing on those few years ago.
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Re: Possible disconnection bug

Post by Shester »

I have the same problem on the PC version, see when it goes then you exit the game and can't log in because your character is actually online,
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Re: Possible disconnection bug

Post by LostKnight »

You are not alone, been happening to as lot of people and multiple times a day.
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Re: Possible disconnection bug

Post by Xtopher »

Indeed, I was disconnected twice in the same day last week.
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