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Joystick bug

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2022 8:53 am
by Yfars
There is a joystick bug in the game that breaks some game mechanics and in some cases allows you to gain an advantage. The developer has already been notified about this issue and will fix it, but there are players who use this bug during pvp and manage to run away from enemies despite the stun effect from knives and other throwable items. This bug among players can also be called the unfrize potion bug. We remind you that the game has rule 8, which prohibits the use of bugs and other vulnerabilities of the game, therefore it is our duty to prevent abuse and punish any violators found until the bug is fixed. Also, any of you can help us make the game better by sending us strong evidence of a violation of the rule, which we will definitely consider.

Punishment for using this bug:
1 violation - jail for 7 days.
2 violation - jail for 30 days and reduction in level by 15%
Subsequent violations will be punished more severely.

Finally, the administration of the game reminds you that during the registration of your account you agreed with the rules of the game and must check them from time to time in order to prevent violations and make the game better.

Re: Joystick bug

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2022 6:29 pm
by Akkilles
You already know me. I will clarify this further because I notice that some players have not understood Yfar's post (Gm team's message). Yfar's first post is nothing new. It has always existed and just like other GMs, we try to explain the meaning of the rules. So read carefully and obey the rules otherwise there is a risk that you will be punished.
With that said.
Rule 8 has existed for as long as the other rules. A bug should not be used if it is considered cheating. Even if a malicious bug has not been fixed yet, players should not use it to advance in any way in the game. The responsibility lies with all of us. We need help to warn others if you notice that something feels wrong. We will inform you if you are punished.

Re: Joystick bug

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2022 11:05 am
by Akkilles
This unfreeze joystick bug punishment has been suspended for now.
However, this doesn't mean if new discovered bugs combined with the joystick being as it is , will not result any punishment. As always , we will evaluate and investigate what kind of bugs and how severe the player has exploited any new bug.