JOYSTICK - bugged or NOT ?

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Re: JOYSTICK - bugged or NOT ?

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How a player should know if that is a new function or a bug ? Maybe i say that i am a noob now ? I have seen a lot archers used that function in a fight to run from PvP. And i can remember that someone sayed ... its a new function. Till now i dont know how it works, what makes me loose allways in a fight :( lol

I not need to tell names. There where enough events where GMs could seen it :)

Sorry ! This bug was long time tolerated, and till now noone done anything vs. that bug.

Hopefully it will be fixed now, that players no longer will get problems by using such a bug, knowingly or not, makes no different !

I hope ALL will get solved soon by compbatant or who ever that can solve !

For the players who get jailed.....heads up...its only 7 days :) You lucky ones :)
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Re: JOYSTICK - bugged or NOT ?

Post by Lamcim »

They made Sipahi pay for the bug that they couldn't solve until now.
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Re: JOYSTICK - bugged or NOT ?

Post by El.Menda »

Idk what is the error.

I play on phone. I use joystick .

On PvP, i am get full antis. (70/75)

I use joystick for do 1 step and 1 anti for moved a long my enemy.

I try get 3/4 step of my enemy, so he cant hit me ( player +2 range )

Lot of times they say me that i use bug of antis. But i have more antis in my bag... They think that can froozen me and never i cant moved ??? Really ?

This is a bug ??

I ask becouse idk nothing about this bug.

The only that i know IS 3 player vs 1. 3 player full Axe,knife,fishs. About 150 on 3. And enemy get out with antis. And 3 guys wasted all items for froozen ....
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