Device is HANGING

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Device is HANGING

Post by SK1976 »

Hello there.
I am using a LenovoTab M10.

In the last months i recognized that if i will buy or trade that device is hanging, and only a close and freeing of RAM helps to relog and play again.

It is when i wanna buy/sell/trade more items like 20 speedpots or wanna trade stones.
If i buy/sell/trade it with the 1x button than its ok but it takes tooooooooooo long.

Its only in this game. I tested it with other games/apps a lot now.

This problem stays since the mathematic AFK-question.

Its not a Device Error...because i tested it now long enough.

Maybe its wrong programmed.

Can you check that routine and fix it please, and inform me here about the going on !

THX ... SK :)
DUKE of SK-Clan
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