Drop Rate & Useless Enemies

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Drop Rate & Useless Enemies

Post by LuxInfinity »

I have just started playing the multiplayer and noticed the following :
1. Enemies drop rate is too low
2. Some enemies don't drop anything at all
3. Enemies such as wolves and red spiders don't drop anything once quests are completed.
1.Increase the drop rate
2.Make sure enemies ALWAYS drop something or gold
3. Wolves can drop their fur and meat:
Fur can be sold in armor shop or used in a SEWING LAB:
SEWING LAB: can be built or it is available in town to make your own armor.
MEAT: can be cooked in a POT which you can buy at a Market or Shop and it is used instead of
health potion with the same result, or add Hunger to LIFE XP MANA
Red Spiders can drop spider thread to be used in the SEWING LAB or sold.

It is way too difficult to fight enemies at low levels without any proper armors, skills or money.
It takes way too long to kill enemies when they attack in a group and you very likely end up dead.
However, if you have the boring patience to kill onr, run away, get your life regenerated, go back, kill another one and so on, apart from aging in front of the screen, the frustration grows when your enemies don't drop anything.
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Re: Drop Rate & Useless Enemies

Post by Gullander »

For low levels there is bread for 100hp lasting for I think close to 15 minutes and cooked rabbit or deer meat worth 200hp but only lasts a few minutes. These are a great way to survive and grow in the early levels. Wolves, that is a boss wolf may drop a spell, I think red spiders still drop an axe even after quest is done. The idea for fur or web and a sewing option is an interesting idea. :D
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Re: Drop Rate & Useless Enemies

Post by Leone »

By the time you have completed the game tutorial which takes you to level 16, and completed the very early quests that involve the red spiders and wolves, there is very little benefit in attacking them in any case.

At this point, time is better spent attacking the yellow archers (3.1 is one place you can find them). The xp bonus and drops are far better.

Having said this, welcome to the MMO version of the game. It's good to see new players and new forum users.
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