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Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2023 6:04 am
by Migas1888
Gostaria de saber porque fiquei preso , eu não fiz nada na conta migas1888 gostaria de saber o porquê , de me mandaram para a prisão permanentemente !!
Espero resposta.....

Edited by Aogon:
First, please make not of Forum Rule 10. English only in the main part of the forum and mChat. This time, allow me to post a translation from an app for you:

"I would like to know why I got arrested , I did not do anything on the migas1888 account I would like to know why , they sent me to prison permanently !!
Waiting for an answer....."

We don't normally disclose publicly why players were jailed to prevent their embarrassment. Someone will send you a private message with the details when they have time.