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public chat commands

Post by Gandalf »

when you are online, you can open the chatline to chat.

but additionally, you can enter commands to do special things. these commands are listed here. they are in bold letters. just type them and press enter as you would have a normal chat. do not forget the slash "/" before every command. also, the commands are case-sensitive: /w MadMikael hallo will only work, if the character is named MadMikael and not Madmikael for example.

password change: /changepass 1234 tutu
note: the old password "1234" is changed to the new password "tutu".
It is recommended, that you use the option to change password from the settings menu, rather than the above command

chat filter: /filter (parameter)
there are 4 cases possible:
case1: type /filter -> you cannot see any messages. good, if you feel annoyed by others.
case2: type /filter global -> you can see all messages (again, after you used /filter only)
case3: type /filter friends -> you see only friends messages
case4: type /filter clan -> you see only clan messages
note: messages from moderators and the system are always seen ;)

send a message to another user: /msg user+name message
note: the "+" is needed instead of a space " ".
example: Gandalf wants to send the message "hallo gold" to Gold mage: /msg Gold+mage hallo gold

global world clan message: /c Hallo Clan
note1: all online clan members get the message "Hallo Clan".
note2: the text after the /c-command can be longer ;)

whispering to a single player: /w White mage Hello White
note1: this command is older and there is already a button. but you can still use it.
note2: only player "White mage" receives the message "Hello White".
note3: If a player "White" is on the same map, only he will receive the message "mage Hello White". Please be aware of this.

get the forgotten tales time: /time
note1: this is your personal clock in the game - the time will is shown in a 24hrs-format: hh:mm.
note2: the time is global and its the same as the server time (located in germany).
note3: this can help you to organise your clan for example. also, it helps moderators to announce spawn parties.

show your map and position: /pos
note1: your personal compass. it shall help you to orientate yourself.
note2: this command can help to find auto spawns or a spawn party, same as a meeting of your clan.

get rid of your pet: /unfollow
note: the pet dies and is gone.

make your pet stop following you: /wait
note: to enable the pet in follow mode use the same command again.
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