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Re: Creating maps - NEW!

Post by justj99 » Sun Jul 25, 2021 2:27 pm

If you're not on the Mapmakers channel on Discord, I highly recommend joining it if you can. A lot of good information and sharing of things we learned happens there. Below are some things about traps that was posted there. It's probably good to have the information here as well, though.

FT 8.14.3 or higher is needed to add traps

Traps parameters:
damage absolute_value
damage hp_percentage_value%
dot damage count value (damage over time)
freeze seconds
slow seconds
tile terrainID tileID (change tile for 5 seconds, for example display blades)
effect name
effect name start_position
teleport position

Effects setting on the game may need to be set to 100% to see new animated tiles.

There are some new tiles intended for use with the tile function.
They are under terrain ID 24 (terrain ID is the section you select to see tiles).
Those are the ones that can be used easily, but you can use any tile you want.
With the map editor open, if you click on a tile, a notification pops up saying, as an example, ID24:29.
24 is the terrainID, and will be the same in the same sections. 29 is the tileID.

So, the command would be tile 24 29 to see the spikes pop up for 5 seconds.

One important thing to know is that the traps affect ALL things on the map. Players, pets, enemies, and even walkers, it seems. So, keep that in mind when you are planning your traps!

List of effects:
1 magic_animation1 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:34
2 magic_animation3 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:33
3 magic_animation2 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:32
4 magic_animation4 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:35
5 magic_animation5 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:36
6 flames animation frame_time:100 pos:0.-12 time_or_speed:10
7 magic_animation7 animation frame_time:150 time_or_speed:20
8 magic_animation8 animation frame_time:150 background:true
9 magic_animation9 animation frame_time:150 background:true
10 magic_animation10 particles time_or_speed:20000
11 magic_animation11 animation frame_time:150
12 magic_animation12 animation frame_time:150 pos:0.-20 background:true
13 magic_animation13 particles time_or_speed:20000 background:true
14 magic_animation14 animation frame_time:150
15 magic_animation15 particles frame_time:150 time_or_speed:20000 background:true
16 magic_animation16 animation frame_time:150 pos:0.-20 background:true
17 magic_animation17 animation frame_time:150 pos:0.-20 time_or_speed:20
18 magic_animation18 animation frame_time:100 pos:0.20 time_or_speed:20
19 magic_animation19 animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:25
20 magic_animation20 animation frame_time:100
21 magic_animation21 animation frame_time:100 pos:0.-20
22 magic_animation22 animation frame_time:150 pos:0.-20
23 magic_animation23 animation frame_time:150 pos:0.-20
24 magic_animation24 animation frame_time:100
25 magic_animation25 animation frame_time:100
26 magic_animation26 animation frame_time:100
28 fire_arrow_impact particles time_or_speed:500 background:true attached_effect:124
29 ice_arrow_impact particles time_or_speed:500 background:true
30 portal_animation particles
31 ogre_twister particles time_or_speed:20000 background:true
32 magic_animation2_1 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:50
33 magic_animation3_1 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:51
34 magic_animation1_1 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:49
35 magic_animation4_1 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:52
36 magic_animation5_1 particles time_or_speed:5000 attached_effect:53
37 fire_sword_impact particles time_or_speed:500 background:true attached_effect:124
38 ice_sword_impact particles time_or_speed:500 background:true
39 3000_staff_fireball particles time_or_speed:26
40 3000_staff_impact particles time_or_speed:500 background:true attached_effect:124
41 1000_staff_fireball particles time_or_speed:26
42 1000_staff_impact particles time_or_speed:500 background:true attached_effect:124
43 2000_staff_impact particles time_or_speed:500 background:true
44 2000_staff_fireball particles time_or_speed:26
45 unfreeze_potion particles time_or_speed:250 background:true
46 mana_potion particles time_or_speed:250 background:true
47 health_potion particles time_or_speed:250 background:true
48 speed_potion particles time_or_speed:250 background:true
49 magic_animation1_2 particles time_or_speed:5000 background:true
50 magic_animation2_2 particles time_or_speed:5000 background:true
51 magic_animation3_2 particles time_or_speed:5000 background:true
52 magic_animation4_2 particles time_or_speed:5000 background:true
53 magic_animation5_2 particles time_or_speed:5000 background:true
91 yellowflag animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1 background:true
92 blueflag animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1 background:true
93 greenflag animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1 background:true
94 waterfall animation frame_time:150 time_or_speed:-1
95 waterjet animation frame_time:60 time_or_speed:-1
96 blackflag animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1 background:true
97 goldenfountain animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1 background:true
98 fountain animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1 background:true
99 eye animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1
100 digger animation frame_time:150 time_or_speed:-1
101 smith animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1
102 farmer animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1
103 windmill animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:-1
104 cactus_plant animation frame_time:150 time_or_speed:-1
105 fisherman animation frame_time:400 pos:50.30 time_or_speed:-1
106 campfire_flame animation frame_time:150 pos:0.5 time_or_speed:-1
107 tree animation frame_time:150 pos:20.0 time_or_speed:-1
108 torch_flame animation frame_time:100 pos:0.40 time_or_speed:-1
109 watermill animation frame_time:100 pos:-48.-48 time_or_speed:-1
110 portal animation frame_time:150 time_or_speed:-1
111 felling_e animation frame_time:140 pos:-25.-20 sound:chop time_or_speed:-1
112 Crow/walk_n animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:10
113 Crow/walk_ne animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:10
114 Crow/walk_e animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:10
115 Crow/walk_se animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:10
116 Crow/walk_s animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:10
117 Crow/walk_sw animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:10
118 Crow/walk_w animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:10
119 Crow/walk_nw animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:10
120 camp_fire particles pos:0.50
121 torch_fire particles pos:0.40
122 small_chimney_smoke particles
123 fire_trail particles attached_effect:124
124 scorch particles background:true
125 state1 animation frame_time:100
126 state2 animation frame_time:100
127 state3 animation frame_time:100
128 state4 animation frame_time:100
129 state5 animation frame_time:100
130 state6 animation frame_time:100
501 arrow direction16 time_or_speed:26
502 ice particles time_or_speed:26
503 missiles image time_or_speed:26
504 fire_arrow direction16 time_or_speed:26 attached_effect:515
505 fish direction8_animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:26
506 knife animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:26 path:throw
507 axe direction8_animation frame_time:100 time_or_speed:26
508 ice particles time_or_speed:26
509 fireball particles time_or_speed:35
510 launch particles time_or_speed:15
511 fireworks particles
512 fire particles time_or_speed:10
513 raining particles
514 snowing particles
515 fire_arrow_effect particles time_or_speed:26
516 arrow direction16 time_or_speed:26 attached_effect:517 name:ice_arrow
517 ice_arrow_effect particles time_or_speed:26 background:false

I hope this helps you Deus. :)
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Re: Creating maps - NEW!

Post by Deus » Mon Jul 26, 2021 12:38 am

Thank you very much justj99, and I think that if I join the channel of discord, thank you: D where can I access? you know?

that information will help me a lot :)
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Re: Creating maps - NEW!

Post by justj99 » Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:23 am

Comp or a GM should have sent you an invite when you got level 2, I think. If not, maybe there's a new process I'm not aware of. I'm just another mapmaker.
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Re: Creating maps - NEW!

Post by aaarrr4 » Mon Aug 23, 2021 10:51 pm

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Re: Creating maps - NEW!

Post by aaarrr4 » Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:28 pm

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