Quest ideas - reward!

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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by hungry_wolf » Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:08 am

I support you idea Kulgan
is well built and has a line that allows to have a purpose when usual quests are finished and the interest in game risk to slow down
very good i hope admins will consider to develope it
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by Arashiko » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:52 am

Sadly, as this would reduce game income, it's unlikely to be considered.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by levi pt-br » Wed May 31, 2017 4:36 am

Repeatable quests:

Daily Bonus:
Location: map 0.1
chat_Npc: Hi! Maybe you help me? I am a miner and I am looking for meteor stones, if you help me I can do it more fast. May you do it?
(If yes)
Chat_me: Ok, what I need to do?
Chat_npc: bring me a new picaxe
Quest_log: bring a new picaxe to the miner
Chat_npc: Great!
Chat_npc: ...
Chat_npc: what are you waiting, start to minering .

Quest_log: get 1 meteor stone to the miner.

Reward: 5m

Reset time to quest after 00:00 server time
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by DwarfTank » Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:22 pm

I have a huge quest line to have added to game, but game needs more maps first, my quests ideas are unlike any other suggested thus far.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by Anthony » Sun May 06, 2018 4:05 pm

Mission name : Beautiful day !

Location : map 0 ,0

Vampire trader_: Hullo... Little worm... Feel like I'm sick today...
you_: Mmmmh...
Vampire trader_: Hum... Sorry ! A dirty treator stole my sword ! I know where he is, can you take it back from me please !
you_: Mmmmh... *questioning*
Vampire trader_: Is not a question ! I will find you there ! ( he teleported you, map 1 ,2 )

- Quest log : "Find the sword and give it back to the Vampire"
- The sword is in a chest at the "Den of demons" or a new map...
- Boss appear "The traitor", when you take the sword
- Take a teleport to go back at the at the entrance of the antrum (some vampires appear all over the way to the first map)

End of the mission : map 0 ,0

Vampire trader_: Mmmhh you are back ! hahaha !
you_: Yes ! there is your sword... !
Vampire trader_: hahaha ! do not forget that each story contains its own emotions !

Reward : "Apprentice Warrior's Ring", and 1 level.

Required level : level 80+
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by BroodingSnow » Sun May 06, 2018 10:46 pm

I havent read all 17 pages so i apologise if the idea has been suggested already.

Since there seems to be a lot of focus on grinding, and theres a lot of people out there all fighting for the same spawn locations, it seems to me that some change would be good here. I dont have all the details your requesting as i lack the imagination for the dialogue etc, so i dont expect any reward if the idea is useful.

Repeatable hunting quests for all monsters from a single location, somewhere central like martuks 2.0. I figure if we give a burst of exp for say 100-1000 monsters depending on level, players will get a break from the grind, if only for 5mins, give up a spawn location for someone else and not be worse off because of it.

Location as suggested possible 2.0 martuks stronghold. Perhaps a poster on a tree with the bounty lists to choose from. I had a look and there arent any free npcs there, unless u can add one. Hand in to the guard, or same created npc upon completion.

As theres a lot of monsters out of there, the list will get really big, so possibly break them into level ranged tabs like 1-25, 26-50 etc. Or only show the levels of say 50 below your level and none above(my exp so far that we dont fight higher things). Or even multiple trees with posters of said ranges.

Requirements for completion as suggested of 100-1000 kills of a monster type u choose based on level, so less of the lowers as you dont seem to stay in the same place for long. Example being kill 100 yellow archers.

Reward - im thinking it will need to be significant or it wont be worth leaving to hand in. 25-50% of the total exp gathered for the kills. It seems a lot, for single target players it will be, for aoes, not so much. Maybe less exp, the more you have to kill, as 1000 kills worth will be a lot.

Grinding for the sake of grinding is nasty. Yes your doing it to level, but if ur doing it for a quest it seems to make it less so. After thought, you could lower the exp reward and allow 2-3 quests to be taken at once. Players will still move around, thus still opening spawn locations and get a better reward for more effort.

Edit - lowered exp after doing some math. Example 100 yellow archers = 900k exp. Reward of 225-450k seems viable as its possible for higher players to gather more than hand in, but its not too high as to multi-level some lower players.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by death911 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:12 am

I got a good idea for a new quest. We all know the dungeon below the fairy land where the ball spawn and there are 20k HP pots and 200 mana pots in chests.

My idea of New quest starts there in a new map after we cross the balls and reach the new map. But First we need to talk Mighty Magus at the Fairy land.

Mighty Magus NPC with a ? at his head ( at lvl 1000 quest start)

Chat_ Magus: Hello traveller well you helped me in the past closing the astral plane. Can u help me with one more thing.

Chat_ Player: Yes sure how can i help. i am at your service.

Chat_ Magus: For years i have been here guarding the astral plane but it seems i am too weak now and donot have my strength as i used to have before.

Chat_ Player: Ohh we wouldn't want the dragons to come back by passing through the astral plane. what can i do to help?

Chat_ Magus : I need 5 +200 mana pots and a mummy bandage. Bring me those items and i would let you know a very well guarded secret.

Chat_ Player: I would be back with your items as fast as i can.

Quest in questbook : Bring 5 +200 mana pots and a mummy bandage to Magus

Player now returns with required items(5 +200 mana pots and a mummy bandage) to Magus

Chat_ Magus: Ohh u are just in time. Here is your reward.

Quest reward: 1 LVL and a Jade ring.

Chat_ Player: Oh thank you very much

Chat _ Magus: Well as i said i will let you on a secret. You see so many fairies around here right. Do you know that they are guarding the entrance to their secret kingdom for thousands of years!! I hear of some great hidden treasures there..

Chat _ Player: A secret Kingdom!! I would sure want to visit this place. Can u say where is it?

Chat _ Magus: It is in the dungeon below the gate you see . But beware of the Danger that lies in your path. I hear the path is a treacherous one and no one who ever entered the dungeon ever coming back. But if you cross the obstacles in your path you will arrive at their Kingdom.

( He referring to the Balls that spawn and kill anyone in 1 shot)

Chat _ Player: I am on my way. Thank you.

After player entered the map after crossing the ball area , a Fairy NPC spawns with a ? over her head. She is guarding a gate.

Chat_ Fairy NPC:Stop. Proceed no further.. It is the kingdom of Fairies. For thousands of years we have been keeping this place safe and secret and no one ever found the way to our kingdom. Its a wonder how you found this place.

Chat_ Player: Oh i mean no harm. I found this kingdom only because Mighty Magus told me about this place.

Chat_ Fairy NPC: Magus is it? I know him. He is the one that has been guarding the Astral plane and preventing the Dragons to get into our kingdom. If he has told you about this place then you must be trustworthy. But you need to prove your worth and gain our trust. Only then u can enter our kingdom.

Chat _ Player: Yes i will do anything to prove my worth.

Chat_ Fairy NPC: Bring me a Robe of souls and a Meditation Hat.

Chat_ Player: That's difficult but i will be back with the items.

Quest in quest book: Bring a Robe of souls and a Meditation Hat to Fairy

Now player is back with the items( Robe of souls and Meditation Hat)

Chat_Player: Here are the items you wanted.

Chat_ Fairy NPC: Thank you very much. U can now enter the kingdom.

Quest Reward : 2 LVLS

Chat _ Fairy NPC: U just need talk with me next time and i will help you pass the gate and enter.

Chat _ Player : Thank you very much.

Now player enters the Gate and arrives inside the kingdom. There are some shops which sell high lvl items like lvl 500 mage amulet or lvl 500 mage bracelets or any 300 lvl jade rings.

After Exploring a little bit u found a mage NPC with a ? on his head.

Chat _Mage NPC : Hello stranger . Never seen you here before. If you are able to enter this kingdom then u must be truly special.I was in need of such a hero who can help me.

Chat_Player: How can i help u?

Chat_ Mage NPC: You see i am the priest to the great Fairy Queen and it's my responsibility to keep the land safe especially from Dragons. That's why we created the astral plane and my apprentice Magus is guarding it.
But we are not being able to send the Magical Cryptic and Mystic dragons over the plane. They have magical powers and resist our magic and they constantly attack us.

Chat_ Player: Oh i see. What do you want me to too?

Chat_ Mage NPC: Kill 100 Cryptic and 100 Mystic dragons and report to me!

Quest log in Quest book : Kill 100 Cryptic and Mystic dragons and report to mage at fairy kingdom..

Player returns after killing the dragons.

Chat_Player : Ohh that was a real tough one but yes i killed them finally.

Chat _ Mage NPC: Oh you have done the unbelievable thing ! Here is your reward!

Quest Reward : 2 LVLS and a Robe lvl 750

Chat _ Mage NPC : There is one more thing i would like you to do.

Chat _ Player: Sure i am at your service.

Chat_ Mage NPC: Our Queen has been injured during our battle with the Dragons and she needs help.

Chat_ Player: I will do anything to help

Chat_ Mage NPC: Bring me 5 +20k HP pots ,5 red mixture and 5 spectre dusts to heal her.

Chat_ Player: Sure i will come back right away.

Quest in quest book: Bring 5 +20k HP pots , 5 red mixture and 5 spectre dusts to heal the Fairy Queen

Player comes back to the Mage NPC with the items.

Chat _ Mage NPC: Ohh good Gracious. You are right on time . Now our Queen will be saved. Here's your reward.

Quest Reward: 1 LVL

Chat _ Mage NPC: I now go to heal our Queen.

Mage goes inside Queen's Chambers and heals her. He then comes back and talks

Chat _ Mage NPC: Our Queen is now healed. She wants to talk to you.

Chat_Player: I am too eager to meet Her Highness.

Player now enters Queen'S Chamber

Chat_ Fairy Queen: Oh great warrior you have helped save our kingdom from the dragons and also helped to heal me. Now you can have assess to our treasures.

Chat_ Player: Oh your Highness , Thank you very much

Chat_ Fairy Queen: But be careful . We have been under attack for our treasures .And our Treasures has been infested with vile creatures. Among the treasure something is of great value to me. Its the " Heart Stone ", the source of our power. Please retreave the stone for me and u can keep the rest of the treasure.

Chat_ Player: I will slay those vile creatures and retreive the " Heart Stone" for you.

Quest in quest book: Retrieve the Heart Stone for the Fairy Queen

Player now goes into a maze full of high lvl monsters and then by opening the gates using switches he gets the "Heart Stone" and other high lvl items from chests. He then comes back to Fairy Queen and talks.

Chat_Fairy Queen: Oh you have done it. You have saved our power source. Now we can defeat those Vile Creatures. Keep this as a reward.

Quest Reward : 2 LVLS and a Nice item as a reward.

Chat_ Player : Thank you very much

Chat_ Fairy Queen : Thank you for your help. We may call upon you in future for any further tasks.

Later further quests maybe added to the Fairy Queen NPC.

Also there maybe other NPCs in that Fairy Kingdom with several other quests like those in Underground Village and Ardesia.

This is just an idea. It maybe modified by Game Creators as they see fit ( Including the main storyline quests also some portion maybe added (for defeating Sebastias))
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by -JORDAN- » Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:23 am

On map 3.3 on fairy island at bridge entrance is a NPC (fairy).The quest consists a fairy who needs help to protect, strengthen her defense of his intruders who want to own what don't belong, for that her need equipament help to defend her treasure at any cost. Then she will give entrance to the doors said treasure is kept but there are traps inside that protects that trasure(said trasure are hp 20k and por mana lvl 250).

Date of quest: You must be lvl 250 for to acquire the quest to enter the doors where the potiones hp and mana.I'll leave the reward to the game developer.


Fairy: Hiiiiiii!...... Hiiiiii!

Me: Who is talking to me ?.

Fairy: I'm here! on your shoulder noble gentleman.

Me: What can i help you magic werd beast?

Fairy: We need help you, our guard has come down completely for intruders who want to steal our tresure.

Me: What treasure are you talking about?.

Fairy: Inside those doors is hidden in two chestjar of HP and mana more powerful has seen but we have to protect it from those intruders who want to take steal.

Me: How do you want to protect your said treasure?.

Fairy: We fairies are protectire of our treasure but we are under magical equipament to proctect our tresure.

Me: Mmmmm I see. Then you need equipament to proct this treasure from any cost.

Fairy: Yess, we need some magic armor for our defense. Bring me 3 Fairy tiara, 2 heavely robe and 2 ligthing boots.

Me: Ok.... I bring it to you

Quest Book: Bring 3 Fairy tiara, 2 heavely robe and 2 ligthing boots to the Fairy desperate for her defense.

Me: Finish! I already got everything asked for.

Fairy: Thank you very much but we also need a weapons to counterattack intruders. I think that 2 white wand woud help us.

Me: very well, i will bring you ir to you.

Quest Book: Bring 2 white wand to the desperate Fairy to counterattack at the intridies.

Me: Finish again!!!. I ready go everthing asked for.

Fairy: I appreciate it pretigious nobleman tour name will be engraved un this magic land.

Me: You're welcome .... There's nothing to be grateful for.

Fairy: Now at this time the doors will open where we hace stored our treasure for you.

Me: I'll go right away!.

Fairy: Watch out!!! There are many traps hidden behind those doors.

Me: Ok ... I'll be careful.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by Leone » Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:26 am

Great idea. I'm not sure a level 250 could get 2 pairs of 2k boots though! Could this be changed?

Also, to get a light white wand you need to kill fairies. This seems to contradict the idea behind the quest as you're supposed to be helping them. (Edit: apologies - you wrote white wand, not light white wand).

Just my thoughts. Really good to see new ideas though.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by Gullander » Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:52 pm

I like new quest ideas! :D
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