Quest ideas - reward!

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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by -JORDAN- » Wed Oct 30, 2019 3:22 pm

Leone wrote:
Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:26 am
Great idea. I'm not sure a level 250 could get 2 pairs of 2k boots though! Could this be changed?

Also, to get a light white wand you need to kill fairies. This seems to contradict the idea behind the quest as you're supposed to be helping them. (Edit: apologies - you wrote white wand, not light white wand).

Just my thoughts. Really good to see new ideas though.
:) didn't get an idea but it would be boots lvl 100 and wand lvl 350
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by Syor » Fri Sep 25, 2020 9:03 am

My idea for quest equip 1500.
The quest is complete. If you like I can send it all.

ATTENTION: spoiler of the first step (even if it is very simple it changes little to know)

First STEP.

START QUEST “forgotten armor“ Liv. 1500
(NPC Blue tick only at level 1500, first has red tick)

ID 1
necessary_level 1500

Chat_npc HEY! You look like an adventurer!
Chat_me Yes, I am, and who are you?
Chat_npc They called me Orish ... now they mostly call me "old"
Chat_me can I do something for you… since you stopped me?
Chat_npc yes please join me, I'm always alone! we could tell forgotten stories and eat something, you who are an adventurer will have seen some good ones… .. !!
Chat_me Excuse me Old…. I would like it but really…. I have to go….
Chat_npc AH! An adventurer who has nothing to tell ... what adventurer is he?
Chat_me Old, I didn't say this ... ..I just have to go ...
Chat_npc lies! Every self-respecting adventurer is dying to tell their own or others' adventures
Chat_me I have seen and feel more confident than you !!
Chat_npc but really? Are you sure?
Chat_me I believe that there is no one in these lands who has seen and heard more than me ...
Chat_npc then you will surely know what these are and where they come from

Item_quest XX
[the old man drops the Woods boots] [ME picks them up]

Chat_me what energy… ..what a glimpse… ..are beautiful… .where do they come from?
Chat_npc AHAHAHAHAHA here's a story you don't know …… do you want to know it?
Chat_me yes please tell me!
Chat_npc is fine! But you'll have to sit down and eat with me! Bring me 15 rare fish for dinner.
Chat_me I'll be right back with the Orish fish! You have to tell me everything!

Quest_log Bring 15 rare fish to Old Orish for dinner

ID 2
Finish 1
needed_item 287.15

[294 287 FOOD Rare Fish | $$: 500] N.15
[ME back with the 15 rare fish]

ID 2

Chat_npc Ohhh you took your time! But without a nice bonfire we cannot prepare them. I would need 5 Coal ingots, a torch, 10 stones and 5 logs. So we can sit back and chat.

[70 70 QUEST Carbon Ingot] N.5
[257 253 ELEMENT Trunk] N.5
[295 288 ELEMENT Stone] N.10

Quest_log Bring 5 Coal Ingots, 5 Logs, 1 Torch and 10 Stones to Old Orish for dinner and chat
ID 3
Finish 2
needed_item 70.5
needed_item 253.5
needed_item 288.10
needed_item xxx

ID 3

ME: Do you have everything now?!?!? Let's eat!?!
Chat_npc ehehehehe now you're in a hurry. Well then. It is a long history, forgotten in time, a legend, but as such, every legend hides a pinch of truth. Make yourself comfortable as the adventure begins.

Second STEP “forgotten armor“ Liv. 1500

I repeat, if anyone is interested I already have a lot of material.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by agen7e sec » Fri Sep 25, 2020 8:41 pm

I think that many have commented on the subject but have not done anything about it, the night in the mines It has been suggested that the mines light up more with torches attached to the wall, even than pets generate light as well as the player and they can be equipped with a torch to generate bad light Since as it is currently it is still difficult to see in the mines and that has been the cause of death of several pets since we couldn't see what's coming up in an area we've never explored ...

And from what I see in the community, oh most of us all have more than 1 account in the game Maybe that could be improved in the game menu by saving the accounts right there To no longer be placing the accounts all the time And this could help the accounts to be synchronized in some way and thus see who owns the account In such case of breaking the rules I can know much easier The accounts of these players who break the And of course with the same, you could implement a better Way to see which accounts provide 2 free lvls every 30 levels at one That would prevent abuse of the free levels Why since there is an error in that you can link an account to another so that it generates 2 levels every 30 lvls But even if you go up 30 lvl it does not usually give you at leisure Since the levels are giving them every 29 lvls And in new accounts those 2 extra levels are not given since there is an error there
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by justj99 » Sat Dec 05, 2020 4:35 pm

Below are two new quest ideas which shouldn't require anything new to be added to the game. Please let me know if you like them or if you think they need some changes:

Quest: Another Trophy Head

Location of NPC: Innkeeper on map 3.2, near the library. He gave the previous Trophy Heads Quest (id 64).
Restrictions: Min level 300, completion of quest 64 – Trophy Heads

chat_npc: “Hey, it’s you! I was hoping you might come by again.”
chat_me: “It looks like your plan to decorate with trophy heads is working well!”
chat_npc: “It is! Well... it was. That’s why I was hoping to see you. Have an ale while we talk.”
chat_me: “Taking the ale gratefully, you sit down to hear what the innkeeper has to say.”
chat_npc: “The trophy wall was working very well until a dwarf named Feldar started coming in.”
chat_npc: “He drinks too much then talks about how low level the monster heads on the wall are.”
chat_npc: “His comments are starting to affect my business, so I was hoping you could help me somehow.”
chat_me: “I see. This Feldar got a few levels under his belt and forgot about respect for others.”
chat_me: “I bet if you had a Dino Head on your wall, he wouldn’t have much to say anymore!”
chat_npc: “Wow! Could you bring me such a thing? I will reward you nicely if you can.”

Quest Log: “Bring a dinosaur head to the innkeeper.”

Completion needs:
Item 715 655 TROPHY Dinosaur Head LEVEL:300

completion_chat: “Thank you so much, traveler. Here is your reward.”
Reward: One level, 25m gold. (The game price of several of the 300 level items.)

The next quest is a follow on of the last one. After all, we might as well complete the collection of heads! :)

Quest: And a Dragon's Head

Location of NPC: Innkeeper on map 3.2, near the library.
Restrictions: Min level 750, completion of Another Trophy Head (quest above)

chat_npc: “Howdy again traveler!”
chat_me: “Hello there! How did the dino head work?”
chat_npc: “Wonderfully! Feldar was shocked when he saw it, and he’s been a model customer ever since.”
chat_npc: “In fact, the addition to my collection is bringing in even more customers than before.”
chat_npc: “Some of those customers, however, are starting to cause problems for me…”
chat_me: “I see. What can I do for you? Throw them out? Put them in their place? Name it, friend!”
chat_npc: “Thank you, but I feel bad asking another favor of you.”
chat_me: “Think nothing of it, I live to serve!”
chat_npc: “Well, I have heard of a great beast not too far from here called a Cryptic Dragon.”
chat_npc: “I was hoping to have the head of one on my wall. Surely this would inspire respect from all of my customers!"
chat_me: “You want a …. (what have I gotten myself into?!)”
chat_npc: “Please do me this last favor, and I will reward you well!”
chat_me: “As you wish friend, I shall return soon.”

Quest Log: “Bring a dragon head to the innkeeper.”

Completion needs:
Item 634 575 TROPHY Dragon's Head LEVEL:750

completion_chat: “This thing is fantastic! I can't thank you enough traveler! Here is your reward.”
Reward: 2 levels and 100m gold (in the range of many 750 gear items)
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by Leone » Sat Dec 05, 2020 5:07 pm

Great ideas!

In a similar way, you could have the witch asking you for a bat wing, fairy wing and rat tail for a spell she is making.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by justj99 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:30 pm

New Boss:
J Rogue - The one that kills you as a new player!
Required Level 100-149 for J Rogue - level 250, 250k entry

Details on J Rogue:
J Rogue will be a new boss for levels 100-149 and will have drops similar to that of other bosses. A thug archer has similar colors to the current J Rogue entity, and seems like a good boss for those levels. High HP, high dex, high str (but lower frequency of attacks). I think he should have 30% magic resistance like the other bosses though. If not, a thug archer already has 15%. Since he'll be attacked by at least 3 players of level 100-150, he shouldn't be too overwhelming, but will certainly be tough. Of course, a new entity would be fine too.

Back to the drops: The leprechaun is a level 150-249 boss, and gives drops of 150 and 200 gear with pluses. The werewolf is 250-499 and drops 250, 300, and 400 items. And, so on. So similarly, J Rogue would drop 100 and 125 items since he would be a 100-149 boss.

I think making this conspicuous spot on the rocks a “secret passage” to J Rogue’s hideout would be great. It turns a probable error on the map to a feature. :) The secret passage would need a level limit of 100-149 for entry to the J Rogue area.

Screenshot_20201204-134534_Forgotten Tales.jpg
Screenshot_20201204-134534_Forgotten Tales.jpg (1.95 MiB) Viewed 903 times

I suppose the catch with adding a new boss is that a new map for this boss will need to be added. I have been meaning to play around with the map editor anyway, so maybe this will just be more incentive for me. That said, if anyone wants to more or less copy one of the other boss areas and adjust it for me, that would be appreciated too. Let me know.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by justj99 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:33 pm

This post was supposed to go before the last one, but that's ok. :lol:

I feel like the bosses are not well advertised. Players have to luck into finding them, or even finding out about them. And often when they do, they are past the level where they could attempt them (at least some of them). So, I came up with some small quests to help advertise them. Each quest will require a last hit on the boss, so they will require friends to go back more than once to help each other. That will increase the chance they get at least one good drop, and maybe learn that killing them can be very rewarding. If nothing else, it increases awareness of the bosses.

In addition, I came up with one more boss idea, and wrote up some thoughts and details for it as well. The new boss would require a bit more work, but I tried to write all the quests (and dialogs) out in such a way that missing one wouldn’t affect others. That would hopefully allow the 4 current boss quests to be implemented easily and before the new boss and his quest are added (assuming it is, of course). Some context of the current bosses is below.

Required Level 150-249 for Leprechaun - level 375, 1m entry
Required Level 250-499 for Werewolf - level 625, 2.5m entry
Required Level 500-749 for Ghoul - level 1200, 4m entry
Required Level 750-999 for Pharaoh - level 1875, 5.5m entry

Follow on posts will have details about the quests, with dialog.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by justj99 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:34 pm

Quest: Defeat J Rogue
Location of NPC: Kulgan's House Guard on map 0.-1
Restrictions: Level 100-149, Completed quest 1725 (Master Kulgan’s Guard - Information)

Quest 1725 is the quest that comes after getting killed by J Rogue and finding out what an outlaw is in the game. Somewhere in there, the House Guard says he’ll round up a posse to get rid of J Rogue. That is a nice segue to this quest.

Quest Dialog:
chat_npc: Hello again adventurer! I see you’ve gotten much stronger!
chat_me: Thank you. I have worked hard for what I have.
chat_npc: If you remember, I sometimes gather a posse to stop outlaws.
chat_me: That does seem familiar.
chat_npc: Well, I had some trouble finding volunteers, so I could use your help.
chat_npc: We have learned that J Rogue has a hideout somewhere near the bandit tower.
chat_npc: I need you to find it and take him down.
chat_me: I would love to get some revenge on that guy!
chat_npc: Even for you, he is still very dangerous, so take at least 2 friends with you.
chat_me: I’ll report back when the deed is done.

Quest Log: Find J Rogue’s hideout and defeat him. You have killed x of 1.

Completion requirements: Get last hit on J Rogue.

Quest completion dialog:
chat_me: J Rogue has been vanquished.
chat_npc: Thank you for the help adventurer.

Reward: One level and 250k gold (or whatever the cost of entry to his area becomes)

Post Quest Dialog: (Would this be a repeatable quest with completion of the one above, and it’s own level limits?)
chat_npc: If J Rogue survived somehow, he will return there. Defeat him again if you find him.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by justj99 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:34 pm

Quest: Defeat the Leprechaun
Location of NPC: Kulgan's House Guard on map 0.-1
Restrictions: Level 150-249, Completed quest 1725 (Master Kulgan’s Guard - Information)

Quest Dialog:
chat_npc: Hello adventurer! I was hoping you could help Master Kulgan and me.
chat_me: You two have done much for me, so I would be happy to help.
chat_npc: There is a monster troubling our land.
chat_me: There seems to be a lot of that going around.
chat_npc: Yes, but this one is much different...
chat_me: I apologize, please go on.
chat_npc: Once he was a kind, but poor, man who only wished for a good living.
chat_npc: After a while, he became obsessed with acquiring wealth.
chat_npc: Eventually, his greed cursed him, and he was transformed into a Leprechaun.
chat_npc: We have not been able to break his curse or stop his evil since.
chat_npc: Master Kulgan and I would like you to end his cursed existence.
chat_me: How can this be done?
chat_npc: Behind the Frost Cave, we have discovered a portal to his lair.
chat_npc: Go there with some friends, and put him out of his misery.
chat_me: We will do it as humanely as possible.
chat_npc: Good luck.

Quest Log: Find the Leprechaun and end his misery. You have killed x of 1.

Completion requirements: Get last hit on the Leprechaun.

Quest completion dialog:
chat_me: The deed is done.
chat_npc: Thank you for your help adventurer.

Reward: One level and 1m gold (the cost of entry to his area)

Post Quest Dialog:
chat_npc: His curse might revive him. If you find him there again, you know what to do.
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Re: Quest ideas - reward!

Post by justj99 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:35 pm

Quest: Defeat the Werewolf
Location of NPC: Kulgan's House Guard on map 0.-1
Restrictions: Level 250-499, Completed quest 1725 (Master Kulgan’s Guard - Information)

Quest Dialog:
chat_npc: Adventurer! Come here, I need your skills.
chat_me: Certainly, what can I do?
chat_npc: For years, we have heard rumors of a werewolf roaming through the land.
chat_npc: We have finally located his lair, but some strong magic keeps us out.
chat_me: Just tell me where to find him.
chat_npc: Deep behind the Frost Cave, there is an Underground Village.
chat_npc: The people there found a portal to his lair nearby, but can’t get in.
chat_npc: Please go there and see what you can do.

Quest Log: Find the Werewolf’s lair and stop him. You have killed x of 1.

Completion requirements: Get last hit on the Werewolf.

Quest completion dialog:
chat_me: It was difficult, but my friends and I defeated him.
chat_npc: You have my sincere thanks.

Reward: One level and 2.5m gold (the cost of entry to his area)

Post Quest Dialog:
chat_npc: A Werewolf is a powerful thing. If his death is temporary, you may find him there again.
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