New high level record broken

As the description says!

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Re: New high level record broken

Post by Lysol » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:51 am

Mr_Maks wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:46 am
Only one topic.Players spend a lot of time to get stronger,and King have all already.Maybe he has the right to attack clan people running around on maps but cant attack people who grinding bc GM rules tell: 9.2. An alt is not allowed to reduce game experience for anybody.But if he cant find players on open maps,he can find them on grinding place and ask to fight him!If players agree with his clallenge it can be start!

This should be an event with good prizes to get players interested.Since these are high-level PVP, many of them already have 2k and 3k items and it dont will be so inresting to get what they have. On this, I would like to be able to get other rare things, as is the case with the king of scorpion.30% possible to drop King item it should be just good bonus.
King ask player to fight with him and win him to get a reward.This player can bringe his friends if he know he cant win 1x1,but if King dont want wait he can find other people to try..And in my opinion if player win King 1x1 what will very hard he can ask for award what he need if its possible.(ofc dont all but maybe tool +4; 3k+2 weapon)But it will be basic on player lvl whos win him.
If you really decide to release a kraken, he must also have his own rules.
I agree if he didnt pay any money like we did and hes taking our gear make it fair if we kill him he drop gear each time otherwise this is messed up.
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by Mr_Maks » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:05 am

While the new set 3k has not been put into game the usual things 2k and 3k are not so valuable now so 100% drop not best decision.For this, I would like something more rare as level thinks.3k+2 weapon its great for all except mages :D (ofc its one-time reward for one player )
Maybe there are things not introduced into the craft how +4 tools, but already in the game to become a special reward for win in challenge.
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by Leone » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:53 am

LordSeth wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:56 am
This character will not attack a player unclanned or lower level unless the player gets involved in the battle.
Sell: I think this statement above answers your question.

I've another: does Mr 17K (I love that name, Mr Maks!) appear unannounced or will his appearances be announced on the forum?

Or, could it be either?

as I said he may roam the map at anytime looking for a victim but as far as the "events"
I will send a message through the server when he tells me he is ready for a event.
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by Mr_Maks » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:04 am

Yes, but in fact all the players lower of him now.So he can't attack no one?)
Yes, I was a little not attentive when I read Lord Seth's messages at night and just tried to quickly express my thought.

If this is a scheduled challenge.I think yes it can be published.

he don't want to set a schedule for this because he can never be sure when he can log on but he will contact me when he is ready.
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by Leone » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:24 am

I think the important part of the sentence is:

'unless he gets involved in the battle'.

My understanding is that if an unclanned curious player wants to go and watch the battle - as long as the battle isn't on a clan map- he or she can do so without fear of being attacked by Mr 17k.

Seth: please correct me if I'm wrong here!

You are right he/she can come watch but if seen getting involved at all by doing a quick hit and run or healing or casting arm or stun or heal blocking any of these means being involved in the battle so the player may be attacked.

And mak I was thinking 1st place might be a 10 level reward and 1 2k legs for winners class.
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by Mr_Maks » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:17 pm

If write a list of awards based on my opinion, it should look like this:
(Event all vs Mr.17k)

He can get more lvls then 17k lvls in this event if people who fight him is so much.Each time when he lose he will be stronger and some attempts I think he should win and this event will end :)
He can get stuns/unfreeze/acceleration with GM command bc he cant run to shop and without this resources he cant win.But he should make it fast,bc when he do it,he will stay on one place all this time.
He and players who want prize cant run on other maps.

I do not allow him abilities to add items to his self so he will need to go to shop to load up on unfreez pots and I'm sure it will be difficult for him being he only has 2 range and many players will have hundreds of stuns he can only hold 79 unfreez pots if no stuns in bag.
Three players receive reward.The prize can only be received by the surviving players.Those players who decide to return will no longer be able to get an award.
1st people who got most dmg without dying
2nd people who got last hit(he can get award+30% chance drop item)
3rd people who got most dmg but lower then 1st dmg without dying
1st:This player can choose an item that has not yet been introduced to craft or such rare things as weapons 3k+2 tool +4 or maybe other new item if it will have in game for special award.(A player can only take one thing of each type for example he get 3k+2 weapon,he cant get more weapons for them friends!And about tools,he can get hammer and if he win again he cant get hammer again,but he can choise axe or pickaxe and when he assembles a complete set of tools he can ask them again in the order in which he wants).
2nd:he can get drop with 30% chance + 10 lvls
3nd:1-2k item or 2 pets.
I do like the idea but I can not give out 3k+2 weapons or armor untill this quest is updated but I can +1 or 2k+2 anything

GM want time to check codes for know who win and find this players in game,or contact winners on forum.

(1x1 challenge)
There should be a few rules:
-You can not run outside the map
-Both melee class sides may try to run and heal hp if they believe that this may help them(This can be discussed at the meeting.)
-Mr. 17k should not run away and heal health against mage and archer,or it will be has no end.
This one may not be passable he is not a mage so all damage he take he can't heal at all and hp pots do nothing for him except take up room in his pack this will be allowed being that he has so many players killing him and with players constantly running him down it should not be a problem. I will demand he should not regen over 30% go to make it fair.

-If a mage/archer using hit and run and Mr 17k defeat without a chance, they will have to face PVP and if the mage makes one mistake he loses,archer want guess dex Mr 17k to win.(It will be determined by player level which type of PVP will be used.Kipers and Maiden should make it face to face,with me idk need test for telling,he higher me twice XD,and lower mages/archers 3k-7k can try use hit and run and and Mr. 17k want stun them fast for win.
-If player win Mr. 17k and want try challenge with him 1x1 again.Mr. 17k will be stronger in other subsequent attempts as well as with the event.

Winner get award 1st place like event.
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by h4t3rz » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:50 pm

If I understand correctly staff creates high level account to kill people? What happen to staff not being involved in PvP. Have we become so lawless that not even the staff or creator can follow rules? You had to become staff because your account couldn't cut it? You say is to make game more interesting but I have no problem finding high levels to kill me. Seems just a way for you to have fun even if not taking drops.

If you are in a clan and cant find pvp hit me up lol.
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by blitzcraig » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:54 pm

terminator wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:58 am
blitzcraig wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:56 am
not trying to hijack the thread, but why do so many people say the scorpion king is "mage biased"?
High Dex and armor makes all non Mana Chars hit it for nothing, only Mana can deal damage to it
That's what I was thinking was the misunderstanding - there's a good conversation explaining how it works here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16428&p=106823&hil ... ng#p106823

I suggest we move anything further about how the scorpion king works over to that thread :)
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by Mr_Maks » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:55 pm

If he go to shop for buy pots he will regen his hp minimum 40% for the time he spends them.PVP around the shop has always been questionable because you can’t attack players there and they constantly heal full health and do it unlimited.That's why I suggested to use that command for PVP is not interrupted.But still, if he is not allowed to do it,will it be possible to put a shop with only unfreeze/acceleration/all stuns on the map of which the event will take place next to which there will be no PVP protection zone?

If he will heal 30% of his health in fight 1v1, it can be even harder than face-to-face attack.It will be very long fight 10-30 min.
Depending on how much he knows how to use this tactic.But all the same, when his accelerations end, if the mage/archer is not mistaken, he will be able to win.Its will very long so maybe award will 2 tools or full set +4 tools?And i think about 3k plate/robe possible or 20 lvls for choice player to reward for win 1v1 fight with this tactic?
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Re: New high level record broken

Post by Mr_Maks » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:20 pm

Yes, Blitz is right King is a replacement for the King of scorpions, even though I liked that only I get a drop but there is a limit to everything.Mana was get low dmg but make him.With 99999 dex no one was can to hit it all the attack were misses.
For such awards that I have described, I think many players will devote their time on it to be able to get at least 3rd place.And maybe take 1st place who knows)
But if to make the rewards worse, people may already be not interested and this idea may fail.
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