Best % gear increase?

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Best % gear increase?

Post by Leone » Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:35 pm

This is one of those trivia questions that I have no answer to, but will hopefully appeal to those who like numbers and stats.

Forget pets and forget what stats you set your character. I'm talking equipped gear only.

What is the best increase in stats from gear in the game, proportionate to your level?

So, for example - is levelling from 99 to 100 actually more of an achievement than from 1999 to 2k, or from 499 to 500, simply because of the stats boost from equipped gear?

It needs someone to look at the % increase in different gear, so probably a big job.

But I know we like challenges in ft:)
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Re: Best % gear increase?

Post by Syor » Fri Jun 12, 2020 7:39 am

I never thought about this.

But I think there is no comparison between the various equipment.

each equipment is a percentage increase based on your level, so each equipment (I think) should give you the same% increase.
Some time ago some pieces of armor had different magical defenses (not a percentage increase like now) maybe this could give a difference between a complete set and another, but now that they have leveled this too, I don't think there are differences between a set and a other.

however it is a pity.

Each set should have variants, and more choices, but at the moment only this alternative exists with the level 150 plate.
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Re: Best % gear increase?

Post by Gullander » Fri Jun 12, 2020 5:08 pm

Ok just a few thoughts about armor to spur investigation. Without mathing it out here are observations

The lowest level plate 0 begins with a +2 armor rating above your level. Thru level 4 each level gained is +1 on plate. At 5 you go to +3 above level. At 6-10 +4 above your level. 11-12 back to +3 tho 11 gives +1 Dex too. At 14 the transition begins by lessening armor being plus above your level and adding a damage value. From 20 up all armor is now equal to your level 20 gives +20 , 75 plus 75 and so forth and the damage becomes the plus as you get higher plate. There are a few inconsistencies like at 50 your plus on damage is the same as 40 and some swap some damage for a Dex increase too. As far as biggest increase I would say the early armor wins when at 10 you get +4 above your level. The damage increases slower for instance in 75 to 150 range it is 5 damage increase for each 25 levels.
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