favorite/most influential FT players

As the description says!

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Re: favorite/most influential FT players

Post by WARBRINGER » Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:14 am

REVIVED! :mrgreen:

Figured I'd revive this thread as I figured it would make a good topic nowadays :) Personally, to list a few, I'd have to say my favourite and most influential people are;
- Laurelin
- Cage
- Cleopatra (Even six years on! :) )
- Vasinta
- Stiche
- Saphira99
- Sissy and DarkMonk helped me a lot as a low-level, so it only seems right to include them ;)
- Leone
- LostKnight
- SellSword
And many, many more ofcourse :D
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Re: favorite/most influential FT players

Post by Leone » Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:32 am

Nice thread revival:)
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Re: favorite/most influential FT players

Post by SellSword » Mon Jan 27, 2020 3:27 am

Agreed on a nice revival!


No particular order here, but I know they literally shaped much of the FT world. Reading through the map editor thread is a good read for older maps/quests that we see in the game now and before I was more up to speed on the forum.


This is the GM/admin trio I had the pleasure of dealing with most in my earlier days. They were truly a dynamic presence in the forum and in the game as well. I owe much to these three for assistance and advice given. Not to take away from members of the current team such as LordSeth or witch as I think they are awesome as well.


My three closest friends in the game. Conversations with this group go beyond just a game that we play. Many other friends as well, but those three are unique. Maybe peculiar! :lol:

I'm sure many 3k+ players would have to include terminator as well. He's by no means the player who first thought of a level cap concept first (madmaniacal1 was pushing for that long before), but he gets to get the well wishes of others!
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