New Clan Map Suggestions

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Re: New Clan Map Suggestions

Post by _NICKPAN_ » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:27 pm

DaHobbit wrote:I have the task of creating a new clan map, that must fit within the current world map. We are running out of map space. The 4 column (where the dino map is) already has several maps coming in so that area is already reserved. I have ideas on where to put the new clan map, but I would really like to hear from you guys. Please give me your suggestions.
Another great idea.

I suggest it be right of archer field map or right down of it.

It can have a sea right of the map, some.stone and wood areas. And can also have a dungeon with Ores like iron gold etc, so clans will fight there for the resource .

Btw whatever be another clan cool
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Re: New Clan Map Suggestions

Post by generous11 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:15 pm

i think it is good to have map 4.-2 of clan because it have the worms dungeon that protect 5 types of ressources.
in this map, we will do some mines of mithril, and it will have a big sea in the right, and 3 or 4 portals that can let us to go into west south bank town, and the map will have forest and stones, and the purple crocs will protect all the map... it will be good. :D :D :D

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