Holiday Building Gifts!

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Holiday Building Gifts!

Post by terminator » Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:29 am

It's the time of year for gifts, are you good with a hammer, but want gifts? For 1 week we will be hosting an intense battle of workload between all in FTSS. Materials will be constantly filled by reff's and sponsors of this event. Gifts include: 1-500 gear. You get gear based on workload, 10 workload=1 Gear level. If you get 7.5k workload during the event, you may have a split of 500 gear and a 250 gear etc.

Raffle: 1000 workload= 1 guess of a number. This number will be between 0-100 This number will be predetermined between reffs b4 event starts. Prize= 1,000,000,000 gold

Rules: This a builder event only, PvPing will result in a kick! Refferee reserves right to choose gear, this will be fairly choosen(Example if you got 5k workload you will not receive 500 lvl 1 items, you will probaly receive a 500 item or 2 250 items etc.) Arguing with a refferee can result in a prize deduction or kick with no prize! Prizes will be determined at the end of the event. They will not be given out instantly, so you may have to wait 24-48 hours before you are awarded with it by a refferee. The 500k gold will be reimbursed! (ALL CURRENT FTSS Member workloads will be set at 0 on refferee's Charts) Everyone garuenteed something if you get atleast 10 workload.:)
Refferee:Terminator and xkezzyv

Time of event: Start: 12/23/16 And ends at 1/1/17 at 12 AM.

How to join FTSS, travel to clan map 2,2 and go to the top, then all the way left to the water. I am always there if not I am sleeping. You may find an FTSS member at start, talk to them to about joining.
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