Clan: GDA

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Clan: GDA

Post by DarkestEnd » Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:03 pm

GDA what does it mean? Where did it start from?

Well GDA means global defence alliance.
Where did it start? From a alliance on a game called Geo Wars

What does GDA stands for?
We are a All rounder clan, we don't care what religion, race, sex or Culture you are as long as we work as a group to help small players and allies
We never start a pvp but if we are attacked we will defend our members.

Is this the clan for you?
If you have the same morals as we do then just ask we do not reject people because of their level or problems
We advise if your not level 70+ not to join as you will have no pvp protection but its your choice

What do I need to do to join?
Well that's the easy part, just leave your name here and I will look for you in the game

Does it cost to join?
Unfortunately yes it does, it costs 500k to join any clan and that is no exception to us. This 500k is charged by the admin of the game which is out of our control.

We are a new clan and have yet to make our mark so promotions are up for grabs so if you wanna work as a group then GDA is the place for you

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