Some quests issues

The offline game was the original game and is different from the MMORPG!

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Some quests issues

Post by Alpha-Centaur » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:37 pm

Hello, there.
I'm playing the offline RPG. I played it some time ago but have lost my savings and trying to play again.
And I noticed some momens that don't work anymore:
1. File 216. There's no Santa Claus anymore on the Ice Cave location. I searched many times. Where's he?
2. File 220. Quest ID 237. The Commander doesn't ask for the quest. Quest 236 finished, Level 50 achieved.
3. File 231. Quest ID 229. The village man doesn't ask for the quest. Quest 97 finished, Level 30 achieved.
4. File 94. Quest ID 200. The archer doesn't want to join my team. Why? I have 25 up level and enough gold.
5. File 254. When I came to the man for the first time, he said that I am too weak and must be 50+ level to talk to him. That's wrong. According to quest manual, no level limits required. And when I came to him with 50+ level, he doesn't want to talk to me at all.
6. File 261. I talked to the NPC having level 50 or less. He asked me about a Golden Dragon to give me the Black Pearl. Golden Dragons are 360 level. And I cannot get one. But the quest isn't shown in my quests list. How can I remember passing through all those levels that to have the Black Pearl I should bring a Golden Dragon to the NPC? It's just impossible. The account about it should be in the quests list.

And what about the Cracken Island? When I wanted to explore it, I asked a boat's driver to deliver me there. He did. But instead the island I teleported to the 0,0 location. Why?

Maybe I do something wrong?
I'm 86th lvl now and have a few million gold (if it's required for a quest).
Languages spoken: Russian, some of English.
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