Update Monster's List

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Update Monster's List

Post by Syor » Sat Jul 11, 2020 1:27 pm

Hi All,

i attack the links of the new updated monster list. (thanks to combtant who provided me with the links XD)


a pdf reduced to a minimum with essential information (very convenient) and an excel file with ALL monster information, to be filtered if necessary.

-Monster positions(except some quests not to spoil surprise);
-category (useful for filtering for example for all dragons, or worms, etc. etc.);
-specify those that are only pet, only monsters or both;

hope you like it.

File .PDF - http://dmgamestudio.com/files/Monster%20List.pdf
File excel - http://dmgamestudio.com/files/Monster%20List.xlsx

Thanks to HungryWolf and Gullander, without their precious help the list would not be ready yet.
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