PSA:Pet Killing and Spawn Blocking/Stealing/XP Stealing

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PSA:Pet Killing and Spawn Blocking/Stealing/XP Stealing

Post by Rasta44 » Wed Aug 26, 2020 11:09 pm

Pet Killing

Due to the ongoing issue with pet killing, I'm making this post. It doesn't matter if you dislike a player or not, the attempt of killing a pet/actually killing a pet is not tolerated in the slightest. If another player has killed one of your pets (or both) report it, try to get a /info in a screenshot if possible too. If you choose to go on and try/kill their pets, it makes you no better and you will also be liable for a punishment. Players should not have to be worried about losing a pet that is bought with REAL MONEY due to another player at any time. Players should not think that its fun or a joke to carelessly waste someone's money in such a way. It completely totals a player's game experience and demoralizes them with playing the game. This needs to stop.

Spawn Blocking/Stealing

There is also a current issue with spawn blocking and stealing. With just about every monster in FT, there is multiple xp grinding locations. It is not hard to just go to a different one if the one you were thinking of using is currently taken. If you deliberately block the spawn of a player, to annoy or steal the spot/leach the xp, it can be considered as a Rule 9 violation - Reducing gameplay of others/harassment. This is not a light rule. If a player is fine with xp grinding in the same location as you, it is perfectly fine, but if the player wants to be left alone, let the person xp grind in the location in peace and move on to a different one. If you leave pets in a location that a player is using to leach/steal the xp, it is not fine in any way.

The lack or respect to other players over simple matters is completely ridiculous. Either stop being petty and grow up and learn to follow the rules, or stop playing. Harassment in this game is not tolerated AT ALL.
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