MONSTERS' MANUAL (including IDs)

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MONSTERS' MANUAL (including IDs)

Post by Gandalf » Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:37 pm

[last update: 2018-03-05]

A list of all monsters in the Forgotten Tales world, updated at 2018 march the 5ft, can be found as pdf file on our server:

A list of all monsters in the Forgotten Tales world, available on Google Sheets (and sorted by certain stats):


Also, we have a nice unit list, made by a player, older but with images:
(without fotos for less data:

Then, there are now monster levels for better comparing (you should be able to defeat a monster on the same level):

{Axe Stan=1, Wasp=1, Wolf=1, Bow Skeleton=1, Bow Stan=1, Sword Stan=1, Red Pirate=1, Sword Skeleton=1, Red Spider=1, Pirate=2, Orc=2, Hunter=3, Axe Vlad=3, Lava Troll=4, Lion=4, Green Gnome=5, Ogre=5, Barbar=5, Black Knight=6, Dragon=7, King=10, Brown Wolf=10, Green Dwarf=10, Ice Monster=11, Amazon=11, Viking=12, Grey Troll=13, Mushyman=13, Giant Lizard=13, Mummy=14, Spider=14, Crocy=14, Ghost=14, Green Monster=15, Red Zombie=15, Yellow Archer=15, Red Dragon=17, Devil=18, Ice Troll=18, War Dog=19, Catapult=19, Sword Vlad=20, Blood Mummy=20, Black Mage=20, Glowing Spider=20, Glowing Sword Skeleton=20, Blue Vlad=30, Trapper=37, Red Crocy=41, Warlock=50, Vampire Sword=50, Green Spider=56, Saphire Dragon=57, Club Stan=61, Crazed Lion=66, Staff Stan=68, Pharaoh Spider=70, Skeleton=71, BlitzBee=75, Flash Ghost=76, Rat=78, Pink Wizard=78, Bat=94, Red Monster=100, Snow Dragon=146, Ghost Archer=150, Spectre Wizard=175, Knight=178, SouthernSun Mushyman=180, Caveman=183, Magier=189, Blinking Mage=193, Ghost Dwarf=200, Fire Archer=210, Ninja=221, Dinosaur=228, Blue Devil=266, Boss Dragon=353, Worm=409, Dark Devil=467}

This data was used for balancing quest rewards. It will be used to balance xp for killing monsters and drops in the near future!
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Re: MONSTERS' MANUAL (including IDs)

Post by ardesia » Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:41 pm

The monsters manual has been updated.
It is not so fancy as it was before, missing monsters images, but it now has all most recent and complete info
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Re: MONSTERS' MANUAL (including IDs)

Post by MadMikael » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:17 am

Added link to Monsters Stats on Google Sheets announcement
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