A short guide how to report.

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A short guide how to report.

Post by Akkilles » Sun Jan 03, 2021 1:03 pm

A short guide on how to report rule breakers or minor issues to GM.

GAME RULES --> viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2560
When writing down a report. Please copy this numbers and fill it with the information as followed (see example).

Allways Take evidence /screenshot (with timestamp) --> (/time. ) or use /info . We want forgotten tales time and not other countries time.

1. Write down the names of those involved.

2. Explain briefly "What Happened".

3. Write down which rule the player violated or abused.

4. If needed ~ Describe which map situation occurred on ( /pos). or use /info

-->EXAMPLE Report.<--

1. Akkilles (Me) Mr abuser (other player)
2. Mr abuser is using autoclick and blocking spawn.
3. He is violating rule 7 and rule 9
4 He's at 4.-1.80.80 (/pos)

Send the screenshots and all informations to one GM or GM inbox (not several GMs at the same time)
and Now you Wait !!!
GM INBOX -> ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=9711
Wait for a response from GM (do not spam otherwise you will be ignored)

When you need assistance due of a loss quest item , we still need informations like what kind of item, how you've loose it , date and time and name of the account !
Thank you for reporting ♡

If your purchase has not gone through and you have waited over 24 hours. Then I ask you to send the GPA code to combatant or a GM / admin. The GPA code is sent to the email linked to the gaming account you made the purchase. Also very important to write us the "character's name" you used for this purchase.

Important - forum rules updated.
Use only English language in main forum or it may be ignored. Help us , help you.

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