Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

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Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by SellSword » Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:37 pm

So you’ve come across a marvelous looking castle on map 0.-2 and have a few questions about it, huh? Well, I happen to have grown up as a black knight so I find myself uniquely qualified to answer some of your questions!

Family picture of me with my parents and three brothers. They actively welcome me home every time!
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A question many people ask me is where the gate is for the southern entrance. That is an understandable question alright. I can assure you that we have two fine craftsmen in Ardesia working on the gates and we expect them to be finished any time. Until then please feel free to stop by for a visit. I strongly suggest checking out our fine library on the second floor early in your travels because when people want books there are none finer.

But what’s up the multiple kings? You’ve seen some of the weaker nations with just one king but you find countless ones on the upper floor of the castle so you’ve started to wonder? Are the black knights an oligarchy? Kraterocracy? Diarchy? Coregency? Timocracy?
The truth is…: Show
I don’t like your making assumptions about my family and now I’m not going to tell you!
You know what, let’s just talk about the lower levels. Whether you want to refer to them as the black knight castle, black knight catacombs, or black knight dungeons there are some far more dangerous areas to be found. I’ve taken to calling them the black knight catacombs, but to each their own.

How does one access the catacombs? Do you start by looking around the black knight castle? Of course not! I like your naivety though. :lol:

When you reach level 700 you can talk with an NPC in Fortress Aetor on map 4.1 who tells you about a new area in the pyramid on map 2.1. Totally related here, right? Surely you've learned by now that NPCs don't take the straightforward route, right?

The pyramid has all of two doors so you should be able to find out which one you need to go through. For assistance navigating that map I would strongly suggest you check out Kromelg’s map that was put in the walkthrough section of the forum: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=15794

You can locate a bandage for the Aetor NPC in one of the two chests, as a drop from one of the mummies, or by being a lazy bum who gets one from someone else. C’mon, are you questing or mooching though? Well, you are reading a walkthrough now, but I'll be charitable in my assumptions... ;) You will notice an NPC in the pyramid who has some other quests, but those are not necessary for the black knight catacombs. (Still, you’re not scared of doing other quests, are you?)

On level 800 the same NPC in Fortress Aetor will ask you to bring him a Jungle Ring. You obviously find such a ring in the jungles of FT, right? In return for the ring the NPC will tell you about the secret entrance in the black knight castle. What a traitor. That seems more helpful than it really is because where exactly is that entrance? Maybe around the throne? Behind some of the fine art collected? Secret hidden in the library (other than a hidden flask in a book)? Let’s just say you should check out those towers along the wall surrounding the castle.

First stage of the catacombs has been reached. Truth be told, you may have access to this map at level 800 but there is really no reason for you to bother until level 1000.
Top Level.jpg
Top Level.jpg (91.52 KiB) Viewed 530 times
You check out the map and find that you can walk around in a circle with an NPC behind two locked doors near the entrance. You will need to get two keys to drop from the sentries on that level. (Rather poor sentries as they let you down there without stopping you, but that’s a different issue. I’ll bring it up with the guy in charge of hiring at the next meeting of black knights.) This isn’t the easiest thing to do at level 800, especially by yourself, but it is doable.

For dropping keys it is required that you first drop and use one key before you can drop a second key. Think of it like some of the other keys where you can only have one. No need to grind for hours looking for that second key after all unless your name is justj99! (OK, he told me that requirement for the second key.)

And once you get both of those keys you excitedly open the door… and the NPC standing there won’t talk to you until level 1000. The sentries and wardens on the map all join in a hearty laugh at your expense. To the sound of roaring laughter echoing through the halls you exit the catacombs.

At level 1000 you go back and talk to the NPC. What’s that, he wants some boots before he’ll try to escape? The door to the exit is right there! No sentries or wardens are going to show up unless you walk down the wrong hall quite a ways! You can literally see the exit from where he's standing! Worst prisoner ever. Uh, I mean, worst guest of honor of the black knights ever!

Anyhow, after your knack for finding boots comes in handy the guest of honor tells you to check out the fireplace for a secret entrance. He follows up by quickly escaping from the room. I mean, maybe one of these days?

That brings you to the lower part of the map. Check out the chests marked with white dots on your mini map and then take the stairs to the next level.

The next part is the confusing part. Dangerous for many pets as well. (Just recently announced is that pet storage has been released so I would encourage you to use that if you don't have a house. Check it out on map 0.-1.)
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by SellSword » Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:38 pm

Have you heard people talk about how confusing the black knight catacombs are and how they can’t find their way through? You may have even tried to follow someone through the map and find that they end up on some different part of the map.

First of all, are you LostKnight or are you travelling with LostKnight? If so, well, the “lost” part... :D (Just kidding there bud!)

Ok, one real reason for the map being confusing is because the map is confusing. The other reason is because each player has their own path through the map.
Black Knights.jpg
Black Knights.jpg (128.61 KiB) Viewed 530 times
Those are the four maps that make up the lower levels of the black knight catacombs. As you can see there are four “rooms” that appear to line up across maps, but otherwise the rooms are all completely separate. This is set up differently from most other maps in the game.

Here is my path through the rooms. I’m sure I share the same path as some people, but most likely your path will be different.
Black Knights - My Path.jpg
Black Knights - My Path.jpg (857.34 KiB) Viewed 530 times
Whatever your path through may be it will not change each time you go through. In time you will become more familiar with the map, but how should you find out where to go when you first get here?

What I suggest could be called the “hand on the wall” method. Pick one wall and imagine that you are placing your hand on the wall as you walk. If you come across a door but see another door in the same room you just take the first door that you come to. If you keep following the wall you will eventually take every door and find every room. Basically just follow the wall and see where it takes you.
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Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones that always fight.
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by SellSword » Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:38 pm

In this lower level of the black knight catacombs there are quests available at level 1000 and 2000. You must first complete all of the level 1000 quests before the level 2000 quests become available. Not meant to be any shameless self-promotion here, but you can check out specifics of those quests on my quest list: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=17468

You start by meeting an injured NPC historian near the stairs where you enter this level of the catacombs. After bringing him some items to take care of his wounds you decide to set out finding the history of the catacombs.

Here is the map with markings for some locations to check out.
Black Knights - Locations.jpg
Black Knights - Locations.jpg (795.13 KiB) Viewed 530 times
Yellow dots indicate the approximate location of NPCs that you should talk to, including the historian at the entrance. You will need to talk with all of them for the level 1000 quests. For the most part the quests are pretty straightforward.

There is one quest for a hungry devil that requests food, but there is no indication of what food the devil eats. Even if someone told you what item is needed that by itself would not be enough. To complete this quest you will need to check out the red dots that indicate the location of books for you to read. You will only be able to read one of these books at first. (Don’t worry, you have a 50/50 chance of checking out the right one!) Once you have made the shocking discovery of what devils eat you can finish that quest.

Oh, did I mention that along the way you decided to release the Chaos Dragon back into the world? That seems like an obvious thing to avoid, but due to your shortsightedness the world gets to deal with that again. Haven’t you learned from questing not to release ancient evils?

For level 2000 quests you will want to talk with all of the NPCs again. Not every NPC has a new quest but you will want to talk with all of them again.

You will also want to find the second book (red dot) that you were not able to read before. This book is the diary of Lord Silverwood and refers to a shield that was broken into multiple parts. Finding those parts is considerably easier now that a question mark displays on items you can interact with in the game, but those locations are still marked with blue dots. Three of the shield parts are just located while the fourth one has apparently been taken. You won’t need to go far to find out where that went.

When you have all four shield parts you can bring them to the altar in the catacombs that has an outline of a shield marked. That is conveniently marked with a green dot on the map.

When you speak with the training warrior NPC he will ask you to defeat the Chaos Dragon five times. Didn’t think you’d have to deal with your “oops” on letting that thing back into the world? Guess again!

The Chaos Dragon has two maps marked with a black dot. The first map has a sign indicating that pets should be left behind. That is very good advice because the Chaos Dragon will easily kill any pets because it deals area damage in most of the room where it is located. Simply put, pets are not safe at all and will die if you try to use them. (For people who do not have a house there is pet storage now available.)

The Chaos Dragon is not an easy enemy by any means. You may consider asking a mage friend to try healing you or maybe have a second friend help you out by taking the attacks while you get out of attack range to heal. You will need to have rather high dexterity to be successful here. Luck may help too!

Back to the training warrior NPC. There is more to this NPC than you would first expect. He reveals that he is in fact the head of the mercenary guild. Oh yeah, those mercenary quests that tend to get put off… You’ll want to finish those up of course… You will receive the ability to craft a piece of level 3000 gear to go along with the other crafting recipes you received with the level 2000 quests.

You will be able to summon the Chaos Dragon once a day, and if you receive a heart drop you will be able to turn it in to the training warrior for a reward. The rewards are random so some will be better than others.
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by Leone » Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:20 pm

This is fantastic. Thank you.

I think the part about the paths through the catacombs being different for different players is important to emphasise. LK and I found that out when we explored it and it is confusing at first.
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by LostKnight » Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:24 pm

First of all, are you LostKnight or are you travelling with LostKnight? If so, well, the “lost” part... :D
Do you have any idea how hard it is to live up to my name!

Code: Select all

Well, OK, yes, easy on my part but still ....

And just because 'he' ended up in a different room what makes you think I was "Lost"
OH, YEA, The name again ... {sigh}
:lol: :lol:

Nice walk through except for that image with all the coloured lines .... I got Lost following them.

Seriously: Well done!
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by justj99 » Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:28 am

How timely! I was planning to do this very soon! Now if I need help, I have somewhere to look! Thanks so much!
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by OC Dawgs » Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:45 am

Thanks for this now I'm pumped up to reach lvl 1k! Fighting! :shock:
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by Blackbetty » Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:59 am

very nice!
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by Gullander » Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:17 pm

Awesome! The maps are great to save some (I said some :lol: ) of the panicked running! Also the new pet storage content will make giving this a try more possible now without so much risk. This walk through a super addition for a challenging map. :D
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Re: Black Knight Catacombs Walkthrough

Post by Syor » Tue Feb 23, 2021 9:16 am

Ciao my friend

You have done an outstanding job.

You have been very good.
I think they are very, very useful.

Good Boy!!!
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