Juggling Items

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Juggling Items

Post by LordSeth » Sat Aug 28, 2021 3:58 am

Juggling items 101

First of all I think I need to explain/define what I mean by "juggling items"...
"Juggled items" are items left on your screen that you have not picked up and will disappear within a few seconds.
I have taught many people how to juggle items. By no means do I call myself an expert or a master at juggling but I do think I have enough knowledge to teach something to someone.
When you fill out your bag items spill out onto the floor (screen) that you can't pick up. You can refresh these items from deleting by logging off or changing maps. You can do this multiple times and the items won't disappear if you log or change maps often enough. At first it looks like you have a limit to what you can juggle but as far as I can tell there a limit. The only limit that I can see is what the server can handle (maybe crash or just extreme lag) I tested this idea in theory once on Cleopatra (after I retired from GM)and carried 1k of items through several maps. When you juggle items you'll notice items appearing on your screen for a while and then after that time they seem to appear and the left-hand Corner bottom. Right below your directional buttons. Using this technique you can juggle almost unlimited items endlessly as long as you log off every couple of seconds (I might be wrong but I think it's every 20-30 seconds) when you start to get good at juggling items you can cross maps with hundreds of items with ease as long as you log. You can even juggle multiple items and crafts. For example magic gems you can juggle Ruby, Jade, Diamond until you get somewhere where you can craft. This is really helpful especially when you're a crafting a lot.
But I noticed that juggling items can go even deeper than that. Several times I've noticed my enemies being able to use a lot of antifreeze more than 80 that your bag is maximum. But these enemies weren't logging off every couple seconds to make sure the antifreeze was juggling on their screens. You can also juggle in PvP but it must be a little different. Juggling in PvP does have a limit but it's more than 80 items. You can juggle what's in your bag and the maximum on your screen (not including the bottom left-hand corner)
Juggling in PvP it's similar to the other type of juggling but you have to pick up one item. Once you pick up one item all the rest of the items on your screen are locked. When I mean locked I mean as far as I can tell they don't disappear after a few seconds. Of course each time you log off or change map you will have to repeat picking up one item to lock all the rest of them.
Juggling items in PvP and in regular collecting material can be very beneficial.
I hope this tutorial help someone. I definitely enjoyed sharing what I've learned about juggling items ^_^

( another little tip is figuring out when items disappear in sequence with your skill cool down. For example on Worf I use my shield skill to tell me when to log off)

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