Important (?!) Bug Skill

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Important (?!) Bug Skill

Post by Syor » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:21 am

Combatant can you not correct this BUG? (or correct it for everyone and not for me that I reported it ???) XD XD XD

(joke eh !!) (perhaps) XD XD

Nameaccount FT: Syor
Time of Bug: often
Where: change map
What: My freya have skill "speed" that I always use to move for FT. Often (NO ALWAYS) often I use my ability, the use time ends before I get to the map edge, I change the map and I have free use of the ability again.
In practice, the skill reload time does not pass.
Why do you think it's a bug? because the time required to reactivate the ability does not pass, as if you always had the ability ready for use. Of course, I have all the skills that can be activated, not just speed.
other Comments: honestly it is a BUG that is very convenient for me; when it happens (especially among the minor / central maps) it's a blessing, I move much faster, and you don't know how much it annoys me to cross many maps, it's a hateful and useless thing (in my opinion)

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