FT v7.4.2 - PC version

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FT v7.4.2 - PC version

Post by LostKnight » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:32 pm

A bug and a something that needs fixing and A Suggestion!

First the something that needs fixing:

So here I am "cataloguing" the contents of an alts bag and pets ... upto 60 items one at a time, click on an item, write it down, click on next item, write it down, click on next item, write it down, click on next item, write it down, click on next item and OOPS! X Timed out!

Now how is it I get hit with
→ the 5 minute time out: Show
LK_2019-11-08_105846.jpg (21.27 KiB) Viewed 1655 times
when I am interacting with items in the bag - I certainly do not take 5 minutes to write one item down and I am therefore NOT AFK, on the contrary, very active on the keyboard
→ as it's a computerized list: Show
LK_2019-11-08_115910.jpg (37.22 KiB) Viewed 1655 times
→ just to the left of the FT screen: Show
LK_2019-11-08_120807.jpg (155.35 KiB) Viewed 1655 times
Can we get this fixed please.

Now to the bug:

In FT PC v7.4.2 see the X in the first image.
- It is non clickable where as in other version is was/is
- Testing now with an alt in an earlier version: the (X) works in earlier versions.

A Suggestion:

I have been numbering them as I get them:

Title bar in the PC version of the game in the centre it says: MMOGame

New Idea: "FT - v7.4.2"

We know we are playing the MMORPG Game - so the version would be nice!

Actually when I think about it something that needs fixing could be classified as a BUG as well. After all a person IS interacting with the game, and now that there is an "Auto Jail" script activated ... NOT an OOPS! I'd be happy with.
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