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Re: Gm system

Post by Leone » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:24 pm

There is a code of conduct the GMs work within (see my previous post), that means they cannot divulge such information.

From a personal perspective, I would much rather the GM team got on with the job of punishing those who break the rules, rather than wasting time producing summary reports of their activity for the week or month.
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Re: Gm system

Post by merisajan » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:53 pm

Maybe the player tried to play the show
He does things to make you think he break the rules and report
and nothing happens to him.
This happened to me too And when I saw it, nothing happened I noticed that the player tried to confuse me to think wrong
So I just ignore it And I try to follow the rules myself
I just think about the game 😼
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agen7e sec
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Re: Gm system

Post by agen7e sec » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:59 pm

Staff should explain, before using their powers. The applied language is english. If the player is not capable of understanding it, he is supposed to be able to. Staff will try different languages too, if possible.

I comment on this why there is more and more talk about corrupt GMs This may oh not be true but there are several cases including chats outside the forum that are spoken privately Even people who lock up for no reason which is stated in rule 7 for GM And if it is not possible for privacy to publish it in a thread then that an administrator only verify that he did well and not abuse his power
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Re: Gm system

Post by LostKnight » Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:41 pm

This thread is going out of focus.

GMs do police themselves and they talk things over among themselves.
Especially in cases where there is a grey area.

They have ZERO obligation to expose those discussions and every good reason NOT to do so.

As a player it is NONE OF MY BUSINESS why "tom" was jailed or punished in some way.

Let me repeat that: it is NONE OF MY BUSINESS why "tom" was jailed or punished in some way
Rule #1 for GMs: wrote: 1. A gamemaster has to treat everybody equally. He shall not have enemies or friends in the game.
And that's got to be a hard one. BUT if GM Bob is seen treating "Sam", an old friend, favourably I'm sure the other GM's would check in!
Rule #2 for GM:
2. A gamemaster has to keep secrets within the team, if he got to know these secrets while working.
This actually applies to ALL moderators of all forums everywhere, whether game related or not. However, for a gaming forum, if during an investigation a group of GMs find out HOW 'Tom' broke a rule via a bug - the entire team has to be made aware of it so that can stop people from using it until it is fixed, and then not say anything about the details as it might lead to other ways to abuse the game.

As a player we have 2 options:
1. play by the rules and enjoy the game, or
2. if you don't like the rules, leave the game and play another.

People that break the rules, get caught and pay the price get no sympathy from me.
I do however feel sorry for the GM/Admin team that have to put up with petty attempts to disrupt the game and or very well organized controlled methods to abuse the game. Sometimes the investigations can take months or longer. It wears them down.

Help a GM: Play by the Rules!
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Re: Gm system

Post by Akkilles » Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:52 pm

agen7 sec

Can you guarantee that everyone reads the rules and maybe even better, can you explain to all these players that you claim in your post have been treated unfairly read the rules twice a week?

Then I do not think we would need this thread at all.
Your statement is absurd and your statement about how the GM team acting in injustice is not true at all. Different cases can be complex and it takes more than just one click to execute a penalty. Meetings are required with everyone on the team, where we must discuss certain cases before a decision is implemented.

What you do not see behind the scenes are the obligatory work we do. Our work can be similar to many professional documentation systems to contribute to the quality of our work.
Administrative job that takes time which gets overloaded because players do not follow rules or ignore the rules and remember we do this job for free to make the game fair for everyone.

If you still have doubts, you have a link here where you can read how to proceed if you think that a GM or GM's are not doing their job properly. While reading this instruction, you can at the same time figure out how to get ALL players to get involved in reading our rules, which the team has to remind many players every day.


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