New Effect on Weapons (That will ballance game)

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Re: New Effect on Weapons (That will ballance game)

Post by _NICKPAN_ » Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:21 am

madmaniacal1 wrote:
DAVEmanda wrote:Lol Mad.what you tell. Have you been in a high lvl pvp for.check that? Me with a 1600 mage can kill 2k archers,ogres swords and dwarves full str, and some mage 2k... The spell protection just takes .more time for kill and.give them a chance for run.
Dave. There's a difference between a mage who knows how to set stats and use it well, and players who want everything handed to them. Any player, of any class, can win an even leveled fight so long as they possess the skills and know how to set their stats for the fight. Although, dwarves do have the biggest possibly handicap, as they have no pvp skill other than magic resist.

Then maybe this can be the next dwarves skill?

Next attacks will apply grievous wounds to target for 2 sec, and every atk will Reset this time. Until the skill go on cooldown.
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Re: New Effect on Weapons (That will ballance game)

Post by Drewgor » Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:16 am

How giving Dwarfs a PvP skill still waiting on that day, right DwarfTank?
It's ridiculous that all classes except Dwarf why are we left out?
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