Better Item Use Notification

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Better Item Use Notification

Post by Humble_M » Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:45 am

One thing that I've noticed, especially with consumable keys, is the message simply says "key melts in the lock" or something similar. It would be nice if instead the message said specifically which key (or item) was consumed and is no longer in the pack (i.e. "Bright Pink Key opened chest" , "Purple Skull Key unlocked door"). When one's pack has several screens and multiple consumable items, it's not always apparent which item is missing. This would solve the issue.

Edit: I previously submitted a suggestion that using a consumable key should not require the user to click "OK" a 2nd time to remove the message. Instead, what I'm suggesting is the message is clearer (and works in tandem with my other suggestion)
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