seage quest

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seage quest

Post by g.jibladze » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:15 pm

i think about special quests for clan.
everyone know that seage weapon can be used for clans seage and for pvp(to resist/block some dmg attack). but its will be good if ppl will use them for special quests.
example : quest will need new map where ppl will seage towers. but player will not can to seage it alone.
he/she will need clan and about 10 player in clan. its will be teamworking(with map need to be different lvl towers for low and high lvl players too
but if tower will be lvl 10 and player 50+ he will not can to seage this tower(this is only example stats) because strong players can seage low lvl towers easy).
every lvl tower need to drop items like fishing(lvl 1 tower can drop lvl 1 items, lvl 2 tower lvl 2 item, ....(of course with drop rate)).so players will
can to lvl their seage skills too.
i think this idea can be develop.
if anyone have more ideas for clan quests post here :D.
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