Treasure hunt

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Treasure hunt

Post by zipuil » Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:09 pm

While fishing you have a chance to catch "a sealed bottle"("Old sealed bottle" "Suspicies bottle"). description: "Strange bottle, you'll better to show it someone"

You should take it to "drunken pirat pilot" and hi will open it for you, there are some variation
of result
1. There was an old rum, and pirate waste it.
2. There was an old pirate map! Take a pickaxe and go (0:0, south east north west)
3. There was an old paper, but it turned to dust while you read it.

As you understand the map is what we need. Take a pickaxe and go, coordinates may be not correct +-5 or something like that.
Then you find the right spot, use a pickaxe, ant dig the treasure! But be carefull, pirates treasures are well secured by scary monsters or other traps! may be spawns some mobs of your lvl or higher, the treasure is your lvl too. While you kill monsters you recive treasure chest key, so you should kill them to get treasure. Chest is spawns for 5 minutes, or something like that. If you not in 5 miutes then you open chest you recive message "The chest is empty..." so quest finishes any way.

It can be make like repeateble quest. +exp for consolation prize.

P.S: this is something what all players loved! Treasure hunt!
P.S.S: Sorry for my english.
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