Event or party plis see this

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Event or party plis see this

Post by BETA » Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:37 am

Hello to all the FT and GM community, I would like to ask you in this way if you approve the new idea that I have: to explain and how it arose

A few weeks ago my friends in the game and in the forum met us on chatting about the games and clarifying doubts.
But a friend told me why there has not been an event or a party so far. Since we know most knew that Madmikael (GM) made a lot of party but now he left me wondering me friend Who will make more party? And I can tell you that at the time I did not know about that. But later they personally asked me to talk about this case.
And I gave an opinion on the topic that would speak in the forum about whether it makes us an exclusive event for all the players of the FT world.

My friends to run that if the GM and the owner of the game that if I could do an event or a party in the place where the coliseum or named private event on the date 1/7/2018 and also asked me if it were to make such an event to keep in mind the owner of the game as if he were our president of the whole world and we would like to see him in FT

thank you very much: any comment leave it below without insulting please
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Re: Event or party plis see this

Post by Leone » Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:41 am

Yep I'm all for a new event. Good luck with it!

Presumably you are thinking of a pvp event ? These have previously been policed by GMs so they can remove players who are breaking event rules.

How would you compensate for this if you are in charge?
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