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Create a Quest

Post by Light The Mage » Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:13 pm

IWell this thread is for us to create quests that may give the admin a few ideas or if they are good enough they may be implented in the game!

I'll Start

Dragons Jewel

A Strange mysterious man approaches you, 'The Jewel, The Jewel Slay the dragon and steal the jewel '. 'it is what gives him his power, You must slay him before he awakes to wreck havoc upon us all,'. 'He lives in a dark cave guarded by giant lizards and burning pools of lava '

Using the information given you must locate the dragons lair slay it and steal the 'jewel'

Reward ....

Unlocked amulet slot

5000 Gold found in chest

Dragons Jewel in amulet slot

It has different effects on each class

Mage- 10+ Mana and 50+ Mana Regeneration

Archer- 5+ Range 10+ Damage

Dwarf- 10+ Dexterity 30% Health Regeneration

Swordsman- 3+ Walking speed 10+ Damage

Dragon stats
25 Strength
32 Dexterity
30K HP
50k Xp

Can be fought in a group
Quest Difficulty- Master
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by Havoc » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:13 pm

Quest - the trophy hunter

A lord wants a set of heads to put about his fire place in his great hall.

He asks the player to kill one of very monster in the game and give him the heads.

Once he has the heads he gives xp and money.

Level - all players, and gives a long quest to hold the attention of beginners.

Problem: the number of spots in the back pack will prevent this quest, so maybe this lord offers this quest to players one head at a time.
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by compbatant » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:44 pm

I am making this thread "Sticky". Write your ideas here. Please write the whole conversation. For me it is no problem to create many new maps but...I hate writing quests because of my poor English. I have even few maps waiting for release, I didn't released them because I don't have quests. Try to invent new quests which don't require adding new features to the game so I could implement them faster.
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by Light The Mage » Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:50 am

'Knights Invasion'

This quest will take place in the Knight's castle

To start the quest go to the walled city and speak to the diplomacy commander

'Ah you managed to respond to our call for help'
'The Situation is the Dark Knights are planning an invasion of our great city'
'Normally we would be able to defeat them but they have new siege weapons'
'We ask you to destroy them before it is too late!'

Objective- Destroy 10 'siege weapons' and 20 knights

The siege weapon could be a catapult or battering ram if you have the image

Access to kill 'Siege weapons'
No longer have to pay the 100 gold toll entering the city
Access to a new elite shop in the walled city which sells new and stronger weapons and armour. Only accessed by completing the quest
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by Havoc » Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:07 am

"King's Quest"

Location - quest found where the King is found.

chat_npc The King deep in thought looks worried. Glancing up he notices you and a smile appears on his face.
chat_npc "Ah! Maybe you can help me, my heroic friend", he says.
chat_me "What is it you need Sire? I am but a humble adventurer"
chat_npc "Exactly!", he smiles, " You see, my kingdom is besieged by monsters and I fear for the safety of my subjects"
chat_me "Er... yes, I have noticed Sire"
chat_npc Frowning the King continues. "If you were to bring me the head of each rogue and monster in my lands I could ensure that my subjects have the protection they need"
chat_me "Certainly your Majesty, but it might take a while"
chat_npc "Of course my Friend. Bring me the head of each rogue and monster and I shall reward you"
chat_npc "Start with the head of a wolf and then come back to me for your next task.
chat_me Yes your Majesty. I shall start right away.
chat_npc Good luck... you might need it.

quest_log Kill X monster and bring the head to the king

Note - the X = monster type currently in quest.

Do you want the additional text for each monster quest log and additional quests?

The player must kill and collect a head (are there images for this?) of each monster in the land one at a time. Starting with the wolf, then the wasp, then the red spider and so on, continuing in power of monsters until they have all been killed.

Reward - gold, xp and items. Items maybe something that is useful to all classes and not just mages or swordsmen.
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by Havoc » Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:12 am

"The Tavern"

Location - the town in the upper left area of the map.

Player meets an innkeeper who gives him the quest.

Innkeeper: "Say, Traveller. Have an ale with me while I discuss something with you".

Taking the ale gratefully you sit down to hear what the innkeeper has to say.

"I need to spruce up my tavern to attract more customers, and what I really need is a trophy wall of monsters above my fireplace"

"If you can bring me the head of of each monster type in the land I will give you a reward"

Note - this is similar to my other idea, but only monsters - no bandits or red axemen etc.

Reward - gold, xp, items or even cheaper healing potions in the near by shop.
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Divine Power

Post by Ditto3000e » Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:04 am

I was thinking of having a all around quest where you have to travel all over the map and do certain things for each person...kinda like a treasure hunt feel. So it's like 5-10 mini-quests in 1 big quest to get mini rewards per mini-quest and a sweet reward for the real quest. Maybe with a choice of a Divine Bow/Sword/Axe/Staff(wand)/Shield/Helm/Platebody/Boots, which have special abilities for each one.

Get some individual abilities going maybe. Make a new way for Forgotten Tales. I'm really exited about this game. A lot of potential to to good things. Image

Sorry for no step-by-step plan...but it's an idea.
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by compbatant » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:38 pm

Great ideas. I like it :) Could you also write the "quest log" for these quests.
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by compbatant » Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:20 pm

I need quest logs for the above quest proposals. You can write quest conversation and qest log in the following way ( this is example form quest with forester )

Code: Select all

chat_npc G'day stranger, can I help you?
chat_me You don't know me?
chat_npc Can't say that I do, who are ya then?
chat_me I'm not sure, I was hoping you would know.
chat_me Anyway, is there a settlement or town near here?
chat_npc why yes, Kedington is just south west of here.
chat_npc I would head straight there mind, there's been awful beasts about these lands of late.
chat_me Thank you for your Information, and I bid you farewell.
chat_npc WAIT, Please, noble adventurer, I could really use your help.
chat_me What is it?
chat_npc Well, you see, there's been some pesky wolves getting brave, and they're coming closer and closer to where I earn my living.
chat_npc Before long they will be sharing my lunch, I need you to put and end to at least four of them before they stop.
chat_npc That way, they'll get the message not to mess with people, hah.
chat_npc What do you say, will you help me?
chat_me Sure, I'll help you out 
chat_npc Ah, let the light of the priestess shine on you my friend, you will find the dirty scavengers to the east of my cabin. Good luck.

quest_log Kill 4 wolves and bring their fangs to the Forester
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Re: Create a Quest

Post by SimonTmplr » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:50 am

I had a thought for a re-occurring adventure/task that may not be fully developed and I don't know how easy it might be to implement.

It takes place at the ruined city with the red dragons. The adventure/task could be given by the city mayor/magistrate/nobleman (woman) who would be found north of the ruined city at the crossroad that leads east into a map tile that hasn't been constructed yet.* The city folk, with the help of "a handful of brave adventurers," force the horde of red dragons from the city and begin rebuilding. The rebuilding effort would take place over a set period of time, perhaps 3 or 6 hours, and then the red dragons would attack en masse (maybe 30-50 dragons) at a given time (perhaps a system message would give a 1-hour, 30-minute, 15-minute, 5-minute, and 1-minute warning before they attack, or they could attack at the same time every day, 2-3 times a day**) and the adventurers who are online for that could all work together to defend the city. If the city is successfully defended, then there are shops that sell unique and powerful items for each class -- but they won't buy any gear from the players*** (the exp gained/shared from killing the red dragons and the current gear drop would be reward enough in that direction). If the city falls, then the red dragon population doubles (or triples) and the adventurers have to cleanse the city again to re-set the adventure/task.

* Perhaps the map tile that hasn't been created yet, could have a warren of caves in which the red dragon hordes spew forth and could have another quest connected with it. I recall seeing one quest suggested earlier about recovering a given jewel from a dragon...

** If the event were set to occur every 8 hours, there might be enough people on to stand a chance, as I have observed from other games that some people find it difficult to be online for events that take place every 12 hours, depending upon what time zone the server is in.

*** They could state that they cannot buy gear at this time because they are still trying to recover their financial losses from rebuilding the city.


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