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Post by Syor » Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:59 am

Hello guys,
I'm Giuseppe, Pg Freya Syor, and first of all I want to congratulate you for this game and above all for the support and the constant presence of people ready to help.
Having said that I have some nice ideas that I show you here:
1) I who come from a culture of RPG games I always like to customize my pg.
Guys for us players of role-playing games personalizing the pg is very important.
It would be nice that the equipment worn turned out to be on the skin, but I realize that I'm looking for too much, but at least because in your card you don't add a 200x200 window with the possibility of everyone to insert their own photo or pg img?
But not the photo, only the reference link as many online games already adopt, so as not to burden unnecessary gigabit servers.
I think it's a nice and also motivating idea.
I'd like a mess.
2) always the avatar section: besides img I would insert the space of a limited number of characters in which everyone writes something. Just below profile picture. Or your own life slogan, or a suggestion, or whatever you want to communicate to others. As above it is very nice.
3) and it is the thing that baffles me the most: but there is no writing anywhere "on Forgotten Tales from 10.20.2018" ????
In short, in the avatar I would introduce the date of registration to this game. Why isn't there ????
4) history of the pg: in the avatar section I would put the story of the pg, but not if feasible or not, many online game sites use it quietly.
In which I would put a nice table possibly with the dates of the most important things.
Example: enter the XXX clan, leave the XXX clan.
Level 500 on xxxxxxx, level 1000 on xxxx (to be put to the vote which range of levels, every 100, 200 or 500)
Gm from xxxxxc to xxxxxxx and things like this.

Combatant (so spelled ????) and while you're at it, add me a thousand levels for these beautiful and pretty ideas: D: D

Thanks for the attention.

Good game to all
Freya Syor
Sword Syorina

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