Idea for set equipment and skill

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Idea for set equipment and skill

Post by Syor » Wed Oct 30, 2019 3:56 pm

This is long.

Hi Boys, this idea of ​​mine was born from my aesthetic whim, which can create beautiful game ideas.

Let's start from the point that for my whim I want to dress my Freya with all fire clothes.

So I will wear Level 0 gloves, level 150 pants, Level 200 armor, level 9 ax, etc. etc. etc.

Why not make my whim a goal to reach to get small bonuses?

The complete set they think can be realized are:

Complete GOLD

Complete FIRE

Complete BLUE

Complete DEATH / DARK

Complete earth/ swamp

Complete BLOOD

I state that the following ideas only work with the COMPLETE SET worn, and NOT for PET, and are perennial at least until the SET is worn.

COMPLETE GOLD: Adds +1 Speed. This must be added to any existing speed additions. Barefoot example 0, +1 boots, dwarf abilities +1, potion +1, this set +1. I think it's fine if the last object is findable at level 20.

COMPLETE FIRE: Do not do damage and do not take damage, you have no access to clan maps (this last thing to avoid ambush). Complete level 300.

Complete BLUE: SET designed for the many players who have the double merchant. With this SET (which can be reached, however, at a level 100) you get an extra slot (which adds up to any purchases) but the speed always remains ZERO, as if the character were barefoot (many slots imply more weight)

Complete DEATH / DARK: Supervision. In the basement of the mini map we see only dots. With this SET the minimap really becomes the maze, with the way to go. Last item Level 30.

Complete EARTH / SWAMP: With this SET all personal abilities (fishing, mine, craft, Lumberjack and building) earn a +1. If I have all 5 of them, wearing this SET I bring them to +6. I think it's okay to activate it at Level 400.

Complete BLOOD, this is to reward the dated players, who have milled thousands of miles for the lands of this game. With this SET it will literally be possible to teleport to the next map. LEVEL can be activated 800.

ALL of these abilities worked ONLY with the SET worn, and NOT for PET. Obviously it would also be nice to create SKINs, that is a fiery SKIN, a golden one, a bloody, an earthy, a dark and dying one, a shiny BLUE.
I realize however that if we currently have 100 SKINs in use, we should create 600 new SKINs, and it is a big job. Obviously they will be available for purchase once and will always work when you wear the complete SET. I would buy them all immediately.

PRO of the proposal: purchase space, because space is needed to preserve the SETs.
I also add the extra tavern space as purchases in the APPNew game ideas. New Objectives. New challenges.

CONS: creating the missing objects (if you want I will make a list of those that are missing). Creation of NEW SKIN.

:o I thank Lestat, Gullander and Leone for the ideas they gave me in another post.
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